I am declaring my independence from failing politicians who I have to live with daily together with my fellow citizens. While there are many politicians in the government, elected by the people, only an insignificant number of them are true to their words and are able to deliver their given promises. To the majority number of politicians, forgetting or dismissing ones promises is part of being a politician. A politician’s main role is to be the people representative in the government and air all the needs and grievances of the people they lead, to the government. A politician, being a leader, is also supposed to understand that he, or she is still a servant to the people and his job tenure is held by the choice of the people. While many of the politicians are remarkably convincing and skilled in making promises when seeking the peoples votes, a larger number of them are not able to deliver their given promises and if they do they only deliver a small bit of the entire promises.

My main desire to declare my independence from politician comes from a number of reasons. The main reason is the never-ending false promises and a lot lies that are given on a daily basis. It is not longer worthy to believe the words or promises of a politician even when what they say is true owing to the loss of trust. Like other humans, politician are prone to make mistakes, and I am not treating them as perfect beings, but their self-acquired nature is enough for me to make my own declaration of independence from them. A mistake is not a mistake until repeated. Politicians always fall short of their responsibilities thus leaving me with only one conclusion that they are all liars.

A politician has a lot of rights and privileges, which other people and I have contributed in allowing them to access. It is my right to strip off all these right from a politician if he or she is working against my interests. Lying politicians violate many rights and abandon their responsibilities. From the poor distribution of resources to failure to unite citizens across nations, politicians record low accountability. Instead of making good amendments to the constitution to reflect legally progressive governance, most politicians choose to enrich their pockets by sealing corrupt deals and contracts.

Most politicians violate citizen’s rights to self-representation in the government. My concerns and grievance, which are supposed to be resolved by the government, do not reach respective authorities. Failing politicians often misuse government revenues contributed from taxes. In most scenarios, politicians fail to champion for pressing issues in the country. For example, many politicians do not get involved in campaigning for green energy resources. The responsibility has been left to Non-Governmental Organizations, which may lack enough resources and voice to give significant influence on the people.

Additionally, most politicians lie using captivating speeches and colorful manifestos. Manifestos should depict the plans a politician to achieve for the society they represent. However, it is disheartening that many a times; these manifestos are coined to please the voters even if they may seem unachievable. Voters should be smart enough to point of baseless promises but a community of many mindsets often allows mean politicians garner votes. It is true that not every promise may be achievable. Uncontrollable situations may arise. However, the credibility of willingness and devotion should always come under scrutiny.

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The remedy for this entire lying politician is to cut off their term in office and try to discover better persons in a thorough voting process. I have now attempted on being self-reliant, as opposed to being reliable to lying politicians and heavily discourage lying. I have formed civil right groups to remedy many situations that lying politician exposes me. Civil right groups are able to monitor the activities of all politicians and hence try to shape them. It is not proper to give a chance to lying politician to represent people in the government and all the past mistakes done, and empty promises are given out while accessing one’s ability to become a politician. By declaring my independence from lying politicians, I am searching for credible and honest politicians to try to end this lies. Am trying to remedy this situation by also educating the public on the best ways of choosing politicians and encourage them to declare their own independence from lying politicians. The public is highly responsive and supportive in the declaration of independence from lying politicians as no one favors or lies and empty promises given to them by politicians. I have also tried to declare independence from lying politicians by making the election more competitive by education of the roles of people towards voting and choosing of politicians. Since independence from lying politicians is not a one-person activity, public awareness is extremely crucial, and I am advocating for people to air out their view in one voice that will represent the people’s interests.

Due to the above reasons, I declare my independence from all the lying politicians and will try my best to eradicate them in all venues of life in the society. I will uphold this task and take it as my responsibility to flash out any cases of lying politicians, and be particularly keen in observing what a politician say or promises, and what he delivers at the long run. It is also necessary to note and appreciate politicians as a human being and try to see the positives that they undertake in the society. I should and will continue motivating the public into fighting lying politicians. This process is mostly possible by conducting civic education to empower people with knowledge and remind them that politicians should be serving their concern and grievances.

 In declaration of independence from any situation or matter that is of concern, is a brilliant move. Independence is declared for a noble purpose and motive, but some price is to be met for attaining the independence. A struggle for freedom defines this declaration of independence, and a rough road must be passed in order to archive what was long awaited. Lying politicians should be careful, and it will be in their best interests if they changed their ill-mannered behavior. As a society, I am supposed to live together and integrate with different people peacefully and with harmony. Lying politicians should consider this and work to be part of the community. 

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