Racism is the belief that race is a determinant or a yardstick to our different capacities and capabilities, rights and social status.

The liberalists believe that an issue like race is not a determinant of what one should access. That is, if it is in the admission into schools, the race that one belongs to should not matter because we all have equal capacities and therefore it is unfair to use race as a selection factor. On the same view, believe that following the racism that was there in the past which saw some minority groups get deprived of some opportunities as their fellow white counterparts, there is need to make up for that(Richard W. Race, 2006. p.12).

They further believe that the minorities in the society create some diversity and therefore they should be equitably considered. It is quite evident that the minority groups still lag behind in all feasible measurements of success. This according to the liberalists is reason enough and worth considering in resource distribution

It is viewed that conservative’s movements ideologies were hostile to Black Americans and were racist and the movement that supported Reagan to power succeeded on the basis of racism. The ideologies governing southern conservatives are re pro racist and looking at the winning of Regan which is attributed to conservative movements, we see that though Reagan did not translate the conservative ideas they were not pro Reagan because of his actions in handling the racism related issues. Conservatives and racism were coherent. This translates their belief in racism (Smith, 2006: 9).

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Capitalist view of Racism was based on racial inferiority and was a consequence of slavery. The capitalist saw racial discrimination a product of the need to justify slavery and a relation to the experience of colonialism and other institutions of White supremacy (Back & Solomos, 1996: 38).

Although racist ideologies have been widely discredited lately, racism and racial discrimination have remained widespread across many parts of the world. Issues of race and racism have played central roles in ethnic conflicts. Historically, when a colleague is identified as ‘other’ based on notions of race or ethnicity, the means employed to him by the self-presumed "superior" party was often more ruthless, more brutal, and less moral or ethical.

The social welfare policy in the different ideological perpectives portrays different approaches to the social problems and each of them looks appealing to a society. The norms of a society are widely based on the culture that has developed and what is bad is relentlessly shunned and what is good is retained but the problem is what is good to one might not be good to another perspective while the evil of one ideology may be a piece of cake to the other ideologies.

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