Considering the rising number of terrorism cases globally, Americans have become almost intolerant, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to matters of foreign policies. Previously, terms such as “unpatriotic” or “anti-America” were rarely used in the foreign relations contest, but today these terms are in use in all levels of life in America. The life has changed for Americans, the so called anti-America has openly declared the war against the USA and its associates. It is entirely the duty of Americans themselves to be critical of the leadership, because they are responsible of keeping track of the matters of governance of their country. The States authorities have embarked on the intensive surveillance, creating a society that is more sensitive on the issues of security. The matter has equal weight across political divides (Stuart 2008).

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There has been an implementation of policies by the State's security organs, enhancing domestic security which aims at curbing the acts of terrorism. The US justice structure has changed, detention camps and detention without enough evidence of a crime could not be tolerated in the American justice system prior to September 11. Since then, the American authority has been associated not only with the Guantanamo Bay and detention without enough evidence but also with the invasion of sovereign republics in the name of the national security. Governments after governments have come up with policies on the national security, determined to eradicate global terrorism for the safety of America (Meiertöns 2010).

Privacy is no longer a constitutional right for American citizens. The States authorities are searching private homes having minimal judicial supervision, and the US army is invading sovereign nations with or without a consent of the UN Security Council. America is no longer at the core of environmental and other humanitarian crises. Though it is making monetary contributions towards such issues, its policies contributions have been diverted towards security matters. Politicians have prioritized the issue of the national security in their manifesto, to win the confidence of Americans. 

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