The decades in the early 19th century, 1800-1840s marked a revolution in the transport sector in America. The transport revolution of the time made a significant contribution to the transformation of America’s economy.   Improved transport system opened up markets. The production and manufacturing industries also grew because of improved transport. This paper highlights some of the principal points in transport revolution between 1800s and 1840s while analyzing its significance.

The dramatic innovations and constructions revolutionized transportation in America. Early 1810s marked the invention of steam-powered riverboats. This improved transportation of both goods and people quickly and efficiently. Boats could not only go down Ohio and Mississippi rivers to New Orleans and Gulf of Mexico, but also upstream to Pittsburgh. Secondly, in 1820s, the completion of Erie Canal opened up transport channels between Hudson Rivers and Lake Erie. Subsequently, the completion of Erie Canal led to the growth of New York and Chicago cities. Between the years 1811-1834, federal government of America also built the National Road (Cumberland Road).  The National Road not only connected Potomac to Ohio Rivers, but it also opened up the west to settlers. Towns developed along the road too as traders preferred using the route to transport their goods. Significantly, during the early 1830s, tremendous construction of railroads linked up main cities and smaller towns.

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The transport revolution in the early 19th century was significant in improving the American economy. The fertile lands in the West attracted settlers who grew cotton for sales. Since few industries existed at the time, transport revolution allowed easy access to the gin in New England. Since the south produced rice and tobacco in plenty, these goods went to the north and west for trading. Therefore, transportation revolution was significant in commercially linked regions of America, leading to economic sprout. 

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