Theology is the systematic study of the truths about God. Theologians exercise their minds with the truths about God; theologians also learn, teach, and live the God-ward compelling force that theology is. Theology aims to safe guard the beliefs and the practices of the Christian believers. Theologians have been teaching and defending sound doctrine from the early change up to date. The course on the systematic and orderly study of the truth about God seeks to keep the faith of the Pentecostal community. Development in theology in the context of Pentecostal framework provides theologians with a firm foundation of the Christian faith. The development in theology also helps scholars withstand the philosophies against the faith together with today’s culture vain arguments. The aim of this paper is to find the truth about God that future generations will use to feed God’s flock. The paper aims to give students an affirmation concerning the things they are taught. Creating a passionate hunger for the intimacy in knowing the truth about God is also an objective of this paper. The paper will look at the arguments for the Existence of God and arguments against the same. The paper will compare the arguments on the arguments on the existence of God and from the arguments determine the truth, which believers of Lord Jesus Christ should follow.

Today’s philosophies present arguments against the existence of God. Atheism is common in today’s world with atheists providing strong arguments that often confuse believers of Jesus Christ on the truth. Philosophers and atheists give counter arguments on the evidence that the theologians of the word of God produce. Many times, the arguments philosophers present are impractical and misguided. The Christian theologians offer the truthful information about God. To be able to withstand the philosophers and the atheists, Christians need to have a solid foundation in the word of Christ. The things that several theologians set out will guide the Christians in getting the solid foundation (Corner, 1995).

Theologians draw the evidence of the existence of God from history, science, personal experiences, and philosophy. All the arguments from all of these areas prove that indeed God exists. Not all the explanations would be wrong, if by any chance the historian is wrong, it is not likely that the scientist, philosophers, and people giving personal experiences are wrong. Historians will base their argument on past events that indeed prove the existence of God. Scientists will use the various scientific explanations to prove the existence of God. Philosophers will use criticism to argue different points and come up with a philosophical argument on the existence of God. Others will use the experiences they had to show that indeed God exists(Corner, 1995).

Christians can deduce the truth about the existence of God from nature. Looking at the natural features, they are so complex and specifically designed to fit in other forms of nature. The nature is very complex and invites the question about how it came into existence.  The nature is also perfect. The only viable reason is there is a supernatural force that dictates nature.  The supernatural force ensures that each of nature’s items relates to one another and benefits one another.The perfect nature of nature means that there is existence of a perfect being. The supernatural force and perfect being controlling all nature is the being theologians and Christian believe is God. Science proves that nothing can happen without some force acting on it. French philosopher by the name Rene Descartes argues that once people conceptualize God’s concept, the people will see that non-existence of God is impossibility (Krauss, 1998).

The existence of the universe is another proof of God’s existence. At some point in the distance past, the universe came to be. Nothing would exist from nothing unless something brings it to exist. There must be a super powerful being outside the universe to bring it to existence. The super powerful being that brought the universe to existence is God. The supernatural being is the creator and has no end or beginning(Krauss, 1998).

The order of the universe also proves the existence of God. The universe would take different forms other than what is there today. The universe would have laws of physics that are different from today, stars, and planets arranged in a different way and many others. Human beings would maybe live in another planet. If the universe would take any of the forms apart from the form it has today, life would be unsupported in the universe. The form of the universe is a favor that the living things received from the creator of the universe. No one has ever come up with any other explanation concerning this luck. From the view of existence of God, the explanation of the good fortune is available. When God was creating the universe, He had the thought of living things. Therefore, God created the universe with a master plan that the universe would support life. God therefore made the favorable environment for life to thrive. The nature of God that creating an ordered universe presents is that God is a creator and takes interest in life of humans(Krauss, 1998).

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The existence of moral laws in the world is another proof of the existence of God. The moral laws are commands that all human beings should follow. The laws tell every human being what to do. Commands exist where there is a commander to give the instructions on what to do. A good question would be who is that who commands people to behave in a moral way? To get the answer to this question, one should look at the nature of morality. Morality is very authoritative. Commands will only be authoritative if the commander himself is authoritative.  A command from a ruler will carry more authority than if a citizen gave the command. All people should obey the moral commands all the time no matter the circumstances. The authority of moral commands transcends all the other authority of humankind. Moral laws demonstrate that a being greater than any human beings exists. The being is the ruler of all the creation and sets law for them to follow. The existence of the moral values and the ultimate responsibility of every human being to obey the moral commands demonstrate the existence of God. God is the ruler of all human beings and expects obedience from them. Human beings should obey God by following the moral commands that he gives to all creation(Corner, 1995).

Reason could also give the proof about God’s existence. By just thinking about the existence of God, one would come up with the correct answer about the existence of God. Having the knowledge about the meaning of the word god is enough proof that God exists. The word God means a perfect being with supernatural powers. Making statements that God does not exist is self-contradicting. One cannot start talking about the word God and still talk about his non-existence. Talking about the non-existence of God is like talking about a triangle with four sides, which does not make any sense to any one with the knowledge of a triangle. Saying that God is non-existence would mean that God is imperfect, an imperfect being could not be God. Non-existence of god is therefore impossible. The argument proves the existence of a God who is all-powerful, omnipotent, and eternal. The perfect nature of God makes him a being that nothing greater is conceivable. If anything is perfect, there is no better form of it(Kreeft&Tacelli, 1994).

The evidence of resurrection of Jesus provides another proof of God’s existence. The Jews crucified Jesus because he preached about him being the son of God. Jesus preached that God would resurrect on the third day after his death. Each person agrees that Jesus went through crucifixion. After the third day of death, God resurrected Jesus from the death. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead clearly proves that Jesus was preaching the truth. The resurrection portrays God as an all-powerful God who keeps his promises. Atheists have come up with arguments about the resurrection of Jesus. Some theories suggest that Jesus never died after crucifixion. The theory claims that when the Jews buried Jesus, he was only unconscious and escaped after regaining consciousness. The claim could not be true because of the nature of the crucifixion. The Jews crucifixion would not give any person a chance of escaping death. If by any chance Jesus escaped death, he would not be able to escape. The escape would be impossible because of the injuries Jesus got from the crucifixion. The Bible says that the Jews placed a large stone at the entrance of the tomb too. If by any chance, Jesus escaped, the disciples would notice the wounds from crucifixion. Instead, the disciples saw the glorified body of Jesus. Another theory suggests that the disciples were hallucinating. The theory suggests that after the crucifixion, the disciple’s trauma made them hallucinate about a resurrected Jesus.  Hallucinating about a resurrected Jesus is unlikely as it was not common in the community for people to resurrect. The Jews persecuted the disciples at large because of preaching about the resurrected Jesus, but none of the disciples changed his stand. The disciples would rather face death than change their and about the resurrection of Jesus (Kreeft&Tacelli, 1994).

From the birth of Jesus, to the life, death, and resurrection, everything was unnatural.  The nature of the life of Jesus only proves thatGod exists. The naturalistic explanations about the life of Jesus are not satisfying. Claims of one surviving a crucifixion or disciples hallucinating simultaneously about the resurrected Jesus are unlikely and ridiculous(Kreeft&Tacelli, 1994). 

Atheists claim that the explanations that Christians provide contradict logically. The atheists argue that it is impossible for a being according to Christian’s description to exist. The atheists argue that the world would be different if God existed. Atheists argue that there is a lot of evil in the world that would non-existence if God really existed. Atheists argue that the Christians claim that god had the knowledge of how to prevent suffering. God wants to prevent sufferings too. If God existed, atheists argue, the sufferings in the world would not be there(Harrison, 1997).

Other arguments of atheists are that could god create a stone that he could not lift. The atheists claim that God cannot create the stone. The inability to create the stone means that he cannot do somethings hence God is not omnipotent. The atheists further argue that if God could create the stone, he would not lift it. The inability to lift the stone renders God not omnipotent. If God is not omnipotent, He does not exist at all. Other arguments that the atheists present are that people believe in God out of emotional crutch. The atheists argue that those who believe in God just involve in dreaming (Harrison, 1997).


There are many arguments for and against the existence of God. Christian theologians present their arguments defending the existence of God. Atheists on the other hand present their arguments against the idea of existence of God. Weighing the arguments presented by both groups, the Christian theologians have more and stronger points than the atheists. The arguments that atheists provide are questionable and lack conviction. The conclusion would be that a God who is perfect, all-powerful, omnipresent, caring, and eternal exists.God is the ruler of all human beings too.

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