Beowulf article was written at a time when the entire society was in the transitional stages between paganism and Christianity. In the poem, these two core religions are portrayed in the lifestyles of the characters. The transition involved the conversion from paganism to Christianity. This article provides the basic differences that noted between the two religions.

The first difference noted between paganism and Christianity captures feuds acceptance. Various communities engaged in prolonged quarrels extending for many years and from one generation to another (Te 45). This led to bitterness between families as well as clans. From the analysis carried out between the two religions, it is realized that during the period of paganism, feud was not considered evil in any way. This came up as a result of the mentality that all was well in regard to such characters. In addition, there were no basic teachings founded on such morals during the paganism era. A case example about revenge in the paganism religion is evident in a case where Grendel’s mother bitterly comes out to murder the one who was responsible for her son’s death (Mooreman 49). She eventually attacks Heorot Hall and in the process manages to kill one man.

In contrary to that, Christianity religion tolerated not any form of feud. The most evident lifestyle encapsulates forgiveness, harmony as well together with unity. More about this is brought about by the consistent teachings about love in the churches and seminars. According to Beowulf article, most people in the Christianity era believe in rational morals (Butler 123).

The second difference realized between the two religions entails the courage for war. During the paganism era, there used to be a lot of hostility amongst individuals in various sects. Beowulf article provides various scenarios in the paganism religion where individuals hauled threats at each other. There threats were meant to stimulate war and fights amongst the people. In contrail to this, Christianity religion gave a platform of peaceful reconciliation between any individuals whenever any difference elapsed (McNamee 55). According to Beowulf article, Christianity religion fully refrained from any form of courage for war. Heardred is captured and killed in the battle. As a result of this, his cousin Beowulf becomes the king. In addition, Grendels mother is reviewed to be fighting with a lot of passion.

All these pieces of incidences provide enough evidence that paganism religion was characterized with a vast state of wars and disagreements. The basic contrast is that the Christianity religion condoned not any form of wars.

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Based on the Beowulf poem, it is realized that during the pagan religion domination, he referred to God’s laws in general without ever mentioning the name of Jesus anywhere. The only short stories he could ever mention included Cain and Abel tales. From this analysis, it is evident that the during the paganism era, the name of Jesus was never mentioned by anyone. In fact no one knew about him. The only supernatural being that was known and called was God. In contrast, Christianity era involved more about mentioning of the name of Jesus. Beowulf article states that the Christian religion believes that power lies in mention of the name Jesus (Tolkien 34). Additionally, the paganism era revolves about the use of Old Testament stories of the Bible covering creation up to Cain and Abel. Contrary, Christianity on the other hand combines both the old and the new testaments.    

Another difference realized between paganism and Christianity is based on the spirit of selfishness and that of helping people. From the Beowulf article, it is evident that during the time when he was fully in paganism, he used to seek for selfish reward in most of his endeavors. He used to believe in defeat in any of the war ahead. This sums up that paganism era advocated for self centered ideologies and egocentric character. However, the Christianity religion advocates for helping those who are in problems. This is evident in Beowulf article when Christianity religion just overtook paganism. Beowulf then became a very good example by offering various forms of help.

Beowulf poem provides evidence that Germanic paganism is well vast with corruption resulting from monastic scribe (Mooreman 67). In contrast to that, in the Christianity religion, the author ascertains that the environment is free from any form of corruption (McNamee 60). Additionally, pagan religion expounds that all actions done by any human being is subject to fate. In this regard, there is no predestined consequence for any action whatsoever. The belief therefore encourages carelessness in terms of the overall self conduct. In contrast to this, Christianity calls for maximum care and precautions behind every action. This is due to the fact that Christianity calls for the concepts of grace as well as judgment (Backhouse 97).

Christianity religion is equally well expounded to be a religion with spiritual rewards. Based on the information provided by Tolkien in his 40 lines poetic work, he explains that based on the “Hrothgar sermon”, it is evident that the spirit of God gives wisdom, protects against the spirit of pride and provides deliverance. In control to that, the pagan religion is hardly pegged to any spiritual benefits. It is equally evident that the spirit of pride still disturbs people in the paganism world (Tolkien 36).

It is evident from the analysis provided in this analysis that there exist a vast number of differences between paganism and Christianity.

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