I do believe that God exists this is due to the fact that there is life in this universe, and the human consciousness is not just a mere by-product of evolution. Human Life in itself is Divine and deserves maximum worship and care, this kind of care must be given by someone powerful. I believe that there is God who gave human beings a higher degree of consciousness than any other being on the world and however human beings have failed to use their consciousness because they are proving hardly up to the responsibilities that God entailed due to their activities which have resulted into wars, global warming, and the violation of human rights.

There are allegations that our ultimate fate is decided by anything other than our personal determination. Godly people believe that some God in heaven decides, based on their personal worship of him, whether they will go to eternal Hell or to eternal Heaven. 

A critical analysis shows that there is the truth behind all religions that can only be proved if the mystics of all the traditions are taken more seriously than the theologians and the dogmatists. These religious views all converge to the conclusion that the ultimate wisdom and the right living can only flourish where love isn't destroyed by the personal likes and the dislikes or the limitations of the caste, creed, sex, region, gender, or color, personally believe in the potential of the humanity to solve their own problems. (John, 1993)

Basing on my knowledge of God that I have acquired in the religious studies, the possibility of knowing God has proved difficult on several grounds. But while it is true that man can never fully comprehend who exactly God is, it does not automatically follow that he can have no knowledge of Him at all. Man can there for know God partly, but nevertheless with the knowledge that is real and true. There is the possibility that God has revealed Himself. If God just Left man on his own, man would never have discovered nor known him. Therefore, there is god who guides man.

Human beings knowledge of God is twofold. Man on his own has an inborn knowledge of God. However, it does not merely mean that in virtue of God's creation in his own image he has the natural capacity to know God. This does not also imply that man at his birth automatically acquire the knowledge of God with him into the world. Instead it means that under the normal conditions certain knowledge of God naturally develops in a person. This knowledge is of a very general nature. In addition to this inborn knowledge of God human beings also acquire knowledge of God by learning from the God's general and the special revelation. This is not obtained without man's efforts on his part, however it as the result of his own conscious and the sustained pursuit of knowledge. Acquisition of this knowledge is only possible because man is born with the capacity to know God; it carries him far beyond the limits of the inborn knowledge of God.

God exists due to the fact that he is the source of knowledge which is known to be from a special revelation. This knowledge provide the explanation as to why it is possible for some special people such as the prophets to define God, They have the ability to give the general description of God's being. On my own opinion, it is perhaps the best source of explanation which describes God as a pure Spirit of infinite perfections.(Douglas, 1995)This description involves the following elements which provide the evidence that God really exists;

God is a kind of a pure Spirit. The evidence for this is provided in the Bible verses; however this element does not contain the definition of God. The nearest approach to this element is found in the New Testament where Jesus refers to the Samaritan woman, "God is spirit." This is enough evidence that God is essentially the spirit, therefore all the qualities which belong to the perfect idea of the spirit are found in God. Given the fact that God is a pure spirit, it excludes the idea that God is a body of some kind that is visible to the physical eye.

God is personal. God being spirit also shows that he has personality. The spirit is an intelligent and moral being, and the ascription of personality to God, shows that God is a reasonable being, who is capable to determine the course of his life as a being. Although some people deny the personality of God, they simply take him as the supernatural or the impersonal force or power. According to the Bible, God is certainly a personal God with whom men can engage him in a conversation, they can also trust in him, God enters into their experiences, they believe that God can help them to overcome their difficulties, God being personal can also fill their hearts with joy. Moreover, God revealed himself as personal in the form of Jesus Christ his son.

God is perfect. The infinite perfection of God distinguishes him from his creatures. Therefore God's being and the virtues are free from all the limitations and imperfections. God is not only boundless and limitless; God stands out above every creature in terms of the moral perfection. There is enough evidence that God exists as shown in the Old Testament book of Exodus, Chapter 15, verses 11, when the Israelites after passing the Red Sea sang, "Who is like unto Thee, Jehovah, amongst the gods? Who is like you, glorious in your holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders to us?"

God has simplicity which is one of the fundamental characteristics of God. This means that God is not composed of the different parts, and therefore Gods attributes are one. God has revealed Himself to human beings which prove his existence. Looking at the world around, there are so many manifestations of the divine Being.  The holy Bible has numerous verses referring to as God is truth, life, the light, love and righteousness.

The Old Testament gives the names of God. Some of these Old Testament names imply that God is the highest being. For instance "El" this indicates that God is strong and almighty and should therefore be feared. Therefore the names express the fact that God enters into the relations his creatures. Another name in the Old Testament "El-Shaddai "this word stresses the divine greatness of God, this is the source of comfort and the blessings for His people. This indicates that God controls the powers of nature, and human beings should serve His purposes.

In the history of the Jews God exists due to the evidence of his greatness, this has been held sacred by the Jews under the name Jehovah, as proved in Exodus, chapter3; Verse14-15. This expresses the fact that God is great and unchangeable in as seen in his covenant relationship. God is also ever present and keeps his promises. These episodes, gives the evidence that God really exists and he is mighty meaning that he rules over the sun and all the creatures that it shines on, under it.

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