God’s opinion on slavery in the American South and United States in 1840 and 1985 according to Durkheim respectively

In the southern part of the United States of America, slavery was something common. This led many people to come up with various explanations concerning it. In addition, such people explained various God’s opinions about slavery. In fact, they have gone as far as coming up with theories concerning the way God viewed slavery in 1840 and in 1985. According to Durkheim, in 1840, he came up with a theory on God’s option about slavery in South America. He stated that, slavery was like a social death. This based on the sociological argument of Durkheim. He claimed that being a slave meant that one do not have socialization freedom. In 1985, he came up with a theory based on his psychological point of argument. He stated that God viewed slavery as a violation of humanity freedom that was against his will.

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Analysis of whether God view this in the same way

To some extent, I would think that God viewed slavery in the same way. Based on Durkheim sociological argument, when one is a slave he or she do not have the social freedom. In addition, one is not able to share the social part of life with others freely. As a result, it is just the same as being dead socially. Based on the psychological argument of Durkheim, he states that it is just the violation of an individual’s right forcefully. God could also view slavery in the same way. This is because; one is not free to move from place to place, do what he or she feels that is good to him or her, and enjoy whatever he or she feels is good. According to the will of God, one should not undergo denial of freedom in as long as he or she feels comfortable with it. In addition, people should have freedom, as they will be accountable for their wrong did in the Day of Judgment.

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