Humanism refers to a system of thought in which people attach prime importance to human beings rather than supernatural or divine powers (Nagar, 2010). This was a cultural and intellectual movement based on interpretation, recovery and imitation of Roman and Greek antiquity. Humanism started in the fourteenth century and went on until the seventeenth century, influencing scholarship, literature, science and art. This discussion will consider the impact of humanism on Christian beliefs during the fifteenth century.

The impact of humanism on Christian beliefs during the fifteenth century was significant and far-reaching. Humanism influenced man’s understanding of how human talent is valuable. A man had the right of happiness, freedom and development of his talents and aptitudes. While the churches and temples were the only centers of knowledge, the humanists proclaimed self-perfection and the significance of culture and knowledge.

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Humanists emphasized the broad significance of self-development and this became possible through learning and study. The fifteenth century was particularly significant for Christianity and world history (Nagar, 2010). Because of Humanism, Christianity underwent revival and renovation. The role and nature of man as well as many conceptions and principles of the church underwent revival. Overall, the changes were positive, which facilitated the development of Christian doctrine.

In the early fifteenth century scholars majorly studied classical Greek, which enabled them to obtain fuller and the most accurate knowledge of ancient civilization. Included were the narratives of Xenophon and Plutarch, the Greek tragedies, the works of Plato and the Homeric epics. Therefore, man attributed prime importance to human beings rather than supernatural powers.   

Therefore, in the fifteenth century humanism affected Christianity in a significant manner because more emphasis concerned how human talent was valuable. During this time Humanism led to the revival and renovation of Christianity. The overall changes were positive and facilitated the development of Christian Doctrine.  

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