Since 2500 years ago, suffering has been part and parcel in human beings especially the innocent ones, but they never give up (1 Peter 1: 6-9). This is part and parcel of testing ones faith (1 Peter 1: 7).  When we look at the life of Job in the Bible and the suffering he underwent through, we are meant to understand that suffering has been a mystery ever since. For instance, one needs to look at the surrounding, what normally happens to the day and day life. People do encounter problems such as diseases, poverty, earthquakes, floods, tsunami, hurricane and volcanic eruptions. The innocent ones are the most suffering ones but like Job in the Bible, they dedicate their lives to God while the weak ones in faith continue to suffer complaining to God for their misery.

Human beings need to be motivated by the strength and faith with lots of dedication (John 16:33). Job underwent through lots of troubles but he was always motivated by the word of God. He never blamed God for his troubles but instead he went before him and asked for his strength to endure all the suffering (Job 1:8).  The rich, the poor have to undergo through suffering since this is part of living. All the sufferings are part of Satan's cause. We should not blame God for it, instead we should ask for the support and power needed from him.

Job went through a lot of suffering. This was after Satan asked permission from God and he was granted but with one condition as seen in Job 1:11-13, ("But now suppose this was after Satan wanted to test the faith of Job towards God. He asked for permission you take away everything he has -He will curse you to your face!" God answered, "All right, everything He has is in your power, but you must not hurt Job himself." Of which Satan left.). Granted with the permission, Satan took the challenge. First, Job's wealth was destroyed by a supernatural being, (Job 1:13-22), knowing that, Job stood up and tore his clothes in grief and said "I was born with nothing, and I will die with nothing. The Lord gave and now He has taken away. May his name be praised." In this we learn that, instead of blaming God for our troubles, like Job, we need to praise him for what he has offered to us.

As if this was not over, he underwent some physical suffering through his skin whereby he made sores break out all over Jobs body. His wife was not happy with Jobs suffering. She knew Job was undergoing through all this because of the faith he had in God. "You are still as faithful as ever, aren't you? "Said his wife why don't you curse God and die?" (Job 2:9), but Job wouldn't hear none of this, instead he said, "You are talking nonsense! When God sends us something good, we welcome it. How can we complain when he sends us trouble?" This showed, despite the suffering and the encouragement from his wife to disown and curse God, he never gave up.

Since Adam and Eve committed their sins in the Garden of Eden, life has never been that simple for most innocent people. They have to endure the suffering, not because it is God's will but because God can never let his people suffer that much because He is wise and powerful, no man can stand against him (Job 9: 4). Job's life can be compared with that of Naomi who also underwent through same after loosing all she posses through poverty, her husband and children, with bitterness she

From the above, Job's life should reflect about our daily life. It should be a lesson and a motivator, suffering is not the end of life but a challenge to discover who we are and where our faith belongs about God. Suffering can turn out to be a happy ending after all the tribulations on your way and shame should be thrown right on Satan's face. This is the time Almighty mighty power rules and Satan fails with his evils. He took everything from Job but he never gave up. The God we pray can deliver us from innocent suffering like he did to Job afterwards.

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