In Jesus’ ministry setting, the text John chapter 10 from verse 22 to 30 talks about the rejection that Jesus experienced from his Jews. The text contains Jesus’ own spoken words and it is a retaliation of the words Jesus spoke during his ministry in Luke chapter 4, verse 24 where he said that a prophet is never accepted in his hometown. The text shows that Jews could not believe that Jesus was the Messiah despite the words or actions he said and performed respectively. He, however, clarifies that only those who are in him and those, in whom he is, who will ever believe in him as the son of God. These believers are the only ones who will enter the kingdom of God, for whoever, follows God’s command also follows what Jesus dictates and vice versa, this is because they are the one and the same thing.

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To the early church, the text meant to clear the disparities that could have risen among the believers concerning who is really worshiped. The text helped them understand that God the father and God the son were both givers of eternal life and giving of one’s life to Jesus automatically meant giving of one’s life to God.

Today, the text teaches that we all are aware about the life in heaven and the life in hell after death. Most people seem never care about it. This is so because they continue to indulge in ungodly behaviors but their lips still prophesy that God is supreme. In contemporary situations, cigarette smokers are every day warned in advertisements, internet and on the cigarette packs about the dangers of smoking but they still continue smoking knowing well that the repercussions are likely to be fatal. Dangers that human beings experience are mostly caused by assumption or rejection of an advice that was initially given. 

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