Religion can be defined as a belief in the worship of gods or God or beliefs that concern the purpose and origin of the universe. Its often regarded to be consisting of  personal relationship with spirits or God or to gods. A  majority of religions have traditions, symbols, narratives and sacred histories which are associated with them and have the intention to bring meaning to life. They derive the preferred lifestyle which one chooses, religious laws, ethics, morality, or other ideas about the human nature and the cosmos.

Religion as we know it, is being influenced by a variety of modern factors such as science and technology, the human intelligence and knowledge. Technology and science are the most ubiquitous of the creation of humans. It changes how we see and perceive the  world and shapes our lives. We dwell in a home's constructed with materials which are enhanced using technology. What we eat is grown and also processed by the use of  technology. In case we want medical care, technology and science provides instruments to be used in diagnosis and treatment, and also enables us to have information so that we can take care of our health. For a majority, it gives understanding and meaning to challenges and realities of life.

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Science competes and coexists with religion as they both have a commanding influence, since they dominate intellectual life and also explain the world mysteries. Religion does not have the preeminence it had in the area of learning and knowledge. Science does gain influence on people as it explains discoveries, forsakes old and  inadequate concepts and ideas and accommodates new and current knowledge. Religion and science have reasons for existence. Each one stands alone as humans endeavor to have their own procedures and processes, knowledge and culture, for  identification of the truth and the service to humanity. They have different and contradicting viewpoints concerning the nature of the world and the universe.

The human intelligence, knowledge and education has also been a major modern factor that influences religion as there has been numerous debates e.g. that concern various sectors of study such as Religion and Psychology. We have seen that Psychologists believe that everything is in our head and no external forces do try to influence us. In the past those who seemed to be possessed by bad spirits were bored a hole in the skull to release and remove the evil spirits. Back then it did not look that extreme. Now Psychology is very advanced  such that we can avoid these acts of foolishness like declaring another person to be a witch and we can progress further and ask critical questions like how can Psychology disprove Religion and god? I can only guess but time will dictate for this never ending debate.As human beings are exposed to external factors their religion and beliefs must also change so it is up to us to ensure that we are influenced positively and towards a better realization of one's self.

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