In this assignment, it will be required that I present an informative form of essay for the topic under study: racism. It will be required of me to present relevant facts about Racism so that the reader interested with the topic can comprehend to the subject matter without any difficulty.  Racism is a negative fact and should be scrapped off completely from any cultural setting. Racism can either be positive or negative in nature. Positive in the sense that it might bring about benefits to those who engage in it and negative when it brings about harm and other vices in general. In broader terms, racism refers to any form of belief which people possess, stipulating that specific race or rather ethnic background is superior or inferior to others. It should be noted that racism operates at an environment which depicts an individual’s social status as well as ethnic character which is otherwise determined by their respective inborn characteristics. It should also be noted that racism is a form of discrimination which is exercised to individual members of a given ethnic background.

It would therefore be wise to stipulate that this form of separation in form of discrimination is rather societal in nature so that individuals of different colors are made to believe that they are worthless and are thereby not placed at better positions in order to undertake certain tasks. It is believed that specific societal groups impact this form of attitude towards others so as to gain an advantage over them. Inferior races are made to believe that they are the subjects who are supposed to serve their masters in that matter.

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When racism persists within a community setting then a people of that specific community are made to believe that they are hated and in the worst case scenario made to think that they are less humans because of either their color, language, place of birth or any other facet which will be implicated upon them in order to intimidate them as a whole. Some effects of racism include slavery, formation of completely independent nations as well as formulation of complete different legal frameworks altogether.

The issue of racism dates back to almost 500-1000 years ago when the western powers embarked on exercising these form of segregation to the non-westerners. It should be noted that these westerners used slavery to depict inferiority complex especially to the Africans. This enslavement of Africans was made possible because the Europeans managed to convince Africans and other communities like the Asians that they (Africans) were lesser humans than them and should therefore submit to them.

 It is further stipulated  that when the Portuguese first explored African continent during the 16th century, they found out that the Africans were developed as much as they were in there countries. These developments on the parts of Africans drew negative reactions as these Portuguese explorers were jealous of these advancements altogether. The developments implicated by the Africans brought about rivalry amongst the two races.  It was decided that the Africans were much backward in terms of technological advancements and the only methodology to be used in order to bring them under intense submission was by transporting them to Europe and other Atlantic countries where they were to be used as slave laborers. During this processes the Africans were

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