Globalization is described as the process through which the regional societies, economics and cultures are becoming integrated by a global network of ideas of politics via, transportation, communication and trade. It is mostly assumed to be economic globalization or the integration of the nationally based economics into one international economy through foreign direct investment, trade or capital flow or the spread of technology.  The study below concerns the advantages and disadvantages of globalization in reference to Britain

Advantages and disadvantages of globalization in Britain

Britain is one of the most developed nations of the world; this is in reference to its economic status compared to the international expectations. There are many advantages of globalization which Britain faces and helps to boost the nature of the activities. Lowering marketing costs is one of the advantages of globalization which Britain enjoy as whole. This is because globalization brings together various nations of the world thus they work together as one market. The products and services produced in Britain can easily reach the markets of the nations without the expenses of promotion and other mark4eting aspects like advertisement (Homann, Koslowski & Luetge, 2007).

Reduction of cultural barriers to increase the global village effect is another advantage of globalization which enhances stiff development of Britain. All the cultural believes and activities of Britain which distinguishes it from the rest of the world. By breaking the barriers set by these cultures, the nation is able to adapt the global market and act like any0one else across the whole world. The scope of global market is enlarged in Britain and its neighboring nations. Brand image consistency is another advantage of globalization, through this process Britain is able to a consistent image in all the areas that it chooses to market its products or conduct any other commercial operations with. This is advantageous in the improvement of the marketing of the products or acquiring the raw materials. The nation also enjoys quick and efficient use of the ideas and shares them across all nations as well as uniformity in the practices of marketing. This entity is considered for the enhancement of marketing ideas and formulates it for the implementation of global scale (Boesak & Hansen, 2009).

Globalization has also led to improvement in the political status of Britain because it creates an opportunity for the government to compare its leadership skills with those of the other nations and copy some of the most unique. Generally de-localization of business and other activities enables the nation to improve its performance. Globalization has led to spread of technology from one nation to the other thus resulting to improvement in the activities of the less developed ones. As a developed country, Britain compares all activities and positive moves in their competitors like the adverse technological skills in America to improve all the activities taking place (Milward, 2003).

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Globalization also has some negative effects in the developed nations like Britain. the economic crisis affecting one nation like America also affects Britain, this is because the process changes the world to become a one big market thus the disruption of the economic status in one corner of the world especially in the most influential nations like America affects all the other nations especially the competitors or those whose economic activities are linked. There is increased flow of the skilled and non-skilled labor from most developed nations like America to Britain as most of the corporate in the nation seek out for cheap labor leading to increase in the rate of unemployment. The potential workers in Britain end up not getting jobs or are engaged in some substandard jobs because of the increased in the market competition of labor. This leads to economic down fall although these corporate make a lot of profits by having cheap labor to hire (Guinness, 2011).

The political activities of the government of Britain are highly affected by the globalization process. This is because the nation is not able to retain and support the original leadership skills of the nation. Some of the borrowed ideas may not be effective or applicable in the activities of developing the world thus all the efforts are dragged down. There is increased level of crime rate in Britain as people copy behaviors and lifestyles from the other nations of the world which may not be accepted in the rules and regulations of the constitution. The original cultures of the nation are interfered with as the residents copy the cultures of the other nations thus loosing the identity of the republic. There is increased inconsistency in the needs of the consumers as those in the competing nations like America will be different from those of Britain thus leading to the imbalances in the marketing activities although globalization expects this to be equal across the whole world (Cortell, 2006).


Globalization is an important process which has made the nations of the world to link and come up with one big business market. This has both negative and positive impacts in the national activities of Britain. Britain Is among the developed nations hence it is very influential to the developing nations and some of the competitors. This means that its success or down fall is likely to influence many of the other nations or the economic conditions of the entire world.

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