Theoretical framework

When people comes into contact with the anthrax agents, the get infected and the infections may lead to death. The infected people suffer from inhaled and skin infections.   These weapons have a potential of causing more causalities relative to others such as nuclear weapons. In the United States, the agent was sent to various target people by means of mail (Earnest, B. J., 2003).

Purpose of study

The purpose of the study is to examine the main reasons for the anthrax attacks in the United States of America and the people involved in the attacks. The study will also determine the United States preparedness to respond to the bioterrorism.

Research questions

1. What were the main reasons for the 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States of America?

2. How were the attacks conducted?

3. How is America prepared to fight bioterrorism?

4. What are the lessons learnt from the attacks?

Literature review

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In the year 2001, there were anthrax attacks which targeted the United States postal service, the congress and some elements of American domestic infrastructure. These biological attacks took place shortly after the September 11th event (Sheppad, B. 2009). On September 25th, a letter was sent to the NBC television studios and it was found to contain unidentified white powder and the law enforcement officials were alerted. For example, the New York post received an anthrax contaminated letter. On 17th of October, the anthrax spores were found on the computer keyboard in the office of George Pataki, the New York governor. (Hassan, T. 2003).


Qualitative questions will be answered using established qualitative procedures (Bogden & Biklen, 1992). Qualitative data will emerge from observed instances during interactions with law enforcement agents and by using questionnaires and recorded interviews. Written questionnaires about the causes of the anthrax attacks and recorded interviews on how they were done will be utilized by asking various open-ended questions that will give an allowance for variations. Various data sources have been documented since the attacks were conducted. The study will take place in various law enforcement agencies, archives and hospitals.


The findings of this study will have implications for other nations who are trying to make decisions regarding bioterrorism. They may also help in assessing the effectiveness of American actions against the biological attacks which will facilitate further evaluation.

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