Biological warfare can be described as the biological agents employment with the aim of producing casualties in animals and man or even damage the plants (Bahgat, 2007). 

What are the various types of biological materials used to make these types of weapons?

The genetic materials are mostly used in the making of the weapons of mass destruction. Viruses are usually developed with target to nations genetic characteristics. In most cases biological agents are used in production of debilitating and not fatal diseases that require tremendous resources used for palliative care (Carlton and Schaerf, 1975). The materials used maybe chemical or nuclear, biological or radiological even explosive. The explosive and incendiary, bomb, poisons' gas or grenade and rockets can be used also. In addition to that any weapon can be used in releasing or propelling the radiation which is dangerous to plants and animals life killing or harming them for ages (Carlton and Schaerf, 1975).

What are the US vulnerabilities and how might these vulnerabilities be exploited?

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The terrorists have attacked the U.S through most subsequent mailings of the anthrax bacterial spores. The federal has been spending to protect the civilians against the biological terrorism and this has soared 18 fold and more. They have research agencies involved in bio-defense through research and development. The national institutes of health for the work with selected agents or the toxins and pathogens of bioterrorism concern which attracted more academic scientists (Feldman, 1997)

What is the likelihood that terrorists or pariah states might develop such weapons?

As we live in the age of anxiety, many pariah and terrorist states will try different types of weapon in ensuring they fit or even competing leading states scientifically and in war. Also the major reason is potential that has unbridled the spread of nuclear weapons (Feldman, 1997). Many terrorists and countries may as well view the weapons as useful thus developing them in large numbers.  In addition to that pariah and terrorists states have ambitions in such weapons development and this maybe another likelihood of owning and developing them. Furthermore the pariah and terrorists tend to develop the weapons for revenge purposes on the enemy states or for protection against such states.

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