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The research is all about Bailey's advert that is set to be presented in Indian media. The advert contains the video of a pretty woman who kisses a man to get a test of Bailey.  The advert is expected to spark some resistance from the Indian culture since it is in contrary to its customs. It is projected to sell among the Indian elites who happen to be the cultural and religious leaders in among the Indian community. Basically their influence is expected to have the have the final say over the products advert since they control the minor. The advert also faces a challenge since some of states in India have banned the use of alcohol as well as advertisements on the same. Therefore it should comply with the Indian advertisement policy. Several options are explored on the possibilities of developing an advert that could help the product to break though the Indian market.  


Baileys advert is a popular advertisement of the Irish Bailey ice cream alcohol. Basically the advert is about a pretty looking woman trying to communicate to a man in a noisy club. Since the music is too high she hard to show her desire by forth and back just across the eyes of a man in an irregular manner. Then she kisses him to obtain a taste of the Baileys drinks. The man tries to obtain the drink to the lady but he can't precisely point out to the barman therefore the man could not get it. So he was left wondering what he could do next. About the Bailey drinks, it is a widely recognized sweet drink envied by many across the world. It is found in a white creamy look with a milky appearance. Its display is widely recognized especially the logo and the color of the bottle.  

Culture in country influences the behavior and people views on foreign products and services. Some of these Cultures involve the traditions beliefs, language and the religion of the inhabitants. Language is vital in communicating both verbal and non verbal communication and the ability to relate the two, Religion has complexities for example some religions may find specific adverts very offensive or generally against their national heritage and the religious teachings. Also the advert could undermine the dignity and the values of the people in the targeted country. Other cultures that influence culture include the level of education and technology.


The study was conducted in India, according to the report on statistics; the size of advertising industry in India is 16300 by 2007. The research was based on various Indian government policies and the anthropology of the people of India. The analysis included theories associated with international business and its implication on the Baileys advert. The research was done and findings were presented.



India is a country with approximately 1 billion people. 4 percent of the total population is projected to be over 65 years. There are over 1652 varieties of people. The common tradition in India is the Hindu culture. The elderly are subjected to authority over the whole family. Their power is quite influential among the families India therefore having much control over their children and the junior on the way they behave and the cultural regulations. The country is one of the countries that have strictly adhered to the religion, race and culture. India is dominated by groups that are power and influential in politics and the lives of the people living amongst them. Nevertheless there are several people in the country that are very poor and receive less support due to their low education and backward in education and primitive as far as technology is concerned. They are always in the midst of the powerful individuals in the society therefore their lives and lifestyles are influenced by their neighbors. The country is headed by is dominated by the tribal and the influence of the castles.

There are also several festivals that are associated with the culture and the tradition of the people of India. Some of the common festivals staged every year include the national holidays and various religious cultures depending on the tribe and the religion. Some of these festivals include Ganesh, Puja, Dussehra and the Diwali. Basically these festivals are performed according to the cultures and it is famous to the people that believe and follow that religion. There are Muslims in India who celebrate their annual festivals in extravagant ways. Therefore religion and culture has a lot of influence India as far as display of programs on TV is concerned. It is quite important to realize the influence of the culture on an advert like the   Baileys advert. The advert in itself one of the best to many people in Europe because of the way it is displayed. A woman kissing a man in front of children might be a taboo according their culture. The woman looked suggestive to the man is also a behavior that might go well to the inhabitants.


Publiphobia is actually the feeling of embarrassment in the public some situations are not quite well informed. The situation of the phobia is influenced by the fact that some people get fear or uncertainty about certain situation therefore not presenting it the way it must have been done. For the case of Baileys advert, the advert may receive a sharp criticism from the protagonists therefore before presentation the question of the outcome might influence the advertisement the advert may luck the original reason for its quality and the reason for using the advert. In India most of the people that are wealthy and have influence over the others are protagonists. They stick much on their religion therefore are likely to sabotage any plot to counter their culture and religion. It is quite important to realize also their impact since the drink is meant to attract the high class.  The reception of the product among the public now becomes the subject of criticism. The disorder is likely to cause a lot of discontent among the public therefore crating a negative attitude over the product. Basically a cautious move might eliminate the advert.

For the advertisement to work out it needs the attention of the protagonist about their position and the impact of the advert in the society. Advertisements are done to market a product. The main aim is to capture much of the market of a product if not all. Therefore the target market is very important with their culture whether a nice one or not but the result must be positive otherwise the result is considered a failure.  While assessing the implication on the impact of the same India, the wealthy are the religious or the cultural leaders. They are actually the target market of the product therefore while underlying the advertisement strategy, their values and ethics should be considered the results might be jeopardize the whole marketing strategy. Coming up with another creative advert that can get the attention needed could be a noble idea since it will not only attract the attention of the target group also the whole society therefore en encouraging them to use the product in their traditional rituals.

Legal/Regulatory Issues

In India, some states prohibits the use of alcohol they include Mizoram and Gujarat. Nevertheless the nation bans the use of this stuff completely during public holidays and during the voting day. Though the ban was imposed due to alcohol poisoning in 2009 that was caused substandard alcohol that was produced illegally, the impact of the ban have not yet been lifted therefore it is still in operation. The dry days in India are taken seriously therefore it is quite important to realize that.

India being among the fastest growing economies, many international companies would like to get the share of the fast growing economy. The country is a bit tough on consumption of alcohol. It considered an awkward behavior though some 21 percent of the population of the adult male is thought to be using alcohol. About advertisement, the country restricts the advertise alcohol on billboards and also tough measures on TV advertisements of alcohol in public. Centralized alcohol taxation is a measure that has been used by India government to reduce consumption of alcohol. The stake holders have then staged a spirited review to cap the use of alcohol by imposing regulatory policies that are meant to cut down the use of alcohol amongst the Indians.

Hofsted's theory and models

According to Hofstede, management across the globe cannot be possible since different countries have different definition of the word management.  He claimed management could not be isolated with other things that are being witnessed in the society. The interaction of the society is actually the management; it involves the religion and the society beliefs on science. The model presented by Geert Hofstede contained a framework of five dimensions that described the differences between cultural values and the cultural perspectives. They include; Power distance; it is the differences between the rich and the poor which is common to the residence.

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Individualism versus collectivism; it is the dependency among the people in the society on their family and their personal efforts. Masculinity versus femininity; it is extend of dominance of culture over the acquisition of properties and the impact that the effect has in the society. Uncertainty avoidance; it is the common the common perception that people have on structured against unstructured situations. Long-term versus short term orientation; long term perception is the culture of people over the future For example saving. Short term orientation includes valuing the current dispensations such as culture towards the past. The theory can be applied to the situation in India in finding in determining the effect of culture on adverts.


The language used in communication should be standardized to suite the values and the beliefs of the society. For the case of Baileys advert the language used should be conversant with the customers in India. Basically standardization will have an impact on the marketing mix. Product standardization is just marketing the product in one standard form worldwide. For this case the known brand of Baileys is marketed worldwide without interfering with the form, quality and the shape of the product. Standardization of the product will save the product cost for research and new packaging standardization. Promotion of products is served by international   policies that influence the buying patterns within the market. An international image is very important in selecting an international image that will cut across the religion and cultures nevertheless there are restriction over international adverts by some nations.  Precisely in India, image that are pornographic in nature or images showing suggestive body languages are barred from public viewing. Therefore it should pass through scrutiny of the state before it is allowed to be into the public domain.

Communication Theory

The theory that was designed by Shannon Claude along side Weaver Warren is also known as information theory. As portrayed by the theory, information is transmitted between tow points or between tow entities. It is actually due to this transformation of information that we have communication taking place. As is portrayed in the figure above, the point between the sender and the receiver of information is a long way through which information has to successfully pass through for communication to effectively take place. As is portrayed above, the means, elements and methods of communication can be identified (Mortensen, 2007). The structure, form and functions of information play a very integral role in determining the process through which information is passed form the sender to the recipient. In this regard, concerning the Baileys TV advert being taken to India, the process of information has to be carefully determined so as to judge whether the information will really reach the targeted audience in the right shape. 

It is in the process of coding to the transmitter, the noise that interrupts the channel and the decoding that happens at the end before the information gets to the recipients that heavily determine whether the intended information can be easily passed onto the recipient in the desired manner. With the Indian culture, the Baileys TV advert is bound to be a recipient of several challenges owing to the massive forms of cultural contrast between the advert and the environment. It is therefore very likely that the process of coding and decoding be very much ruined by the cultural and religious interpretation of the advert (Schumann, 2009). This then leads to a very different message being passed onto the intended target. The wrong judgment of immorality and dishonor of the woman that may be judged from the advert could lead to very different message being passed to the audience in India and not the intended message that the alcohol is sweet to taste directly rather than asking.

Cultural Iceberg

According to this theory of cultural ice berg, culture is explained in a very interesting manner. People tend to seriously misjudge culture or give it s completely wrong interpretation. This is a very important part of the communication process and it would greatly determine the manner in which information is either interpreted or even received. According to the theory of cultural iceberg, people think of culture as merely the traits and characteristics that are observable in a group of people or a certain society through their art, dances, music, rituals, or even food. As a result of looking at the observable behavior of people and judging their culture from this angle, people tend to have a completely wrong interpretation of the culture. It is in the same way that an iceberg is just viewable form the upper part on the water. The lower part that can not be seen is even much bigger than the part that can be seen.

People likewise judge culture as what they can see from outside forgetting that they are only observing a very minor part of the culture and not getting to know the real deep and more meaningful part of the culture (Hooker, 2003). It is the same way that the people of India may get to wrongly misjudge the Baileys TV advert. Deriving form the theory, the Indians are most likely to judge the advert form the point of their own culture by just looking at the behavior of the people portrayed in the advert. This overlooks the real thing or information motivating the behavior of the beautiful woman in the advert. As a result of this, the advert is most likely to be wrongly interpreted and hence leading to poor performance of the drink within the region due to the information wrongly derived from the advert.

Emic and Etic

Emic and Etic accounts are very important in the derivation of meaning form a cultural point of view. In regard to the two accounts, one is viewed as being objective while the other one is subjective. The emic account is subjective due to the fact that it is an interpretation of culture based on the view of someone who is from inside the culture. They are bound to interpret the given piece of information basing on their own point of cultural context. It is therefore due to this that the interpretation offered by them is bound to be biased. On the other hand, the etic account is the behavior of an individual who is from the outside of the cultural context. As a matter of fact, the person interpreting culture form the external environment is bound to offer a neutral point of view hence being more objective.

In regard to the Baileys TV advert, the local people in India are bound to judge the advert based on their own cultural background. They are bound to argue about the advert basing on their point of view form their culture hence being subjective and not objective. This leads to wrong interpretation of the advert. On the other hand, people who are not from the Indian cultural content are bond to have the more objective interpretation of the culture (Srivastava, 2005). They are bound to judge the advert from a neutral point of view hence giving a more reasonable interpretation of the advert. In regard to this, the cultural influence could lead the Indians to wrongfully judge the advert while those in India who are not Indians could rightfully interpret it.

Marketing mix/Marketing/Promotion

The marketing mix done included the Baileys drinks as the product being advertised. The price is well catered since the target customers are actually a higher class therefore the product will reflect the standardized price worldwide. The channel of distribution of the product is through sales argents in the country there are various businessmen who are ready to distribute the product due to its market value and marketability. Promotion of the product has been done prior to the

Limitations to Baileys TV advert

The advert could not be accepted by some cultures and religions

The advert irritate some families due their weird action the actors.


The advert should suit the culture of the people living in India.

The advert should be taken for scrutiny by the government officers to check its legality to avoid any breach of law.

The product should be standardized to allow the brand name sell in projected market


Generally, culture is crucial to marketing and therefore before the advert of a foreign product is brought into the market, culture should be prioritized to avoid cultural conflict therefore affecting the intended purpose. Baileys TV advert should do a wide research on India and limitation that are caused by the culture. The adverts should also comply with the laws of the intentioned country.

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