Social inequality is a term used to describe a condition where members of the society have different capacities in terms of power prestige or wealth.  In my case, social stratification should be done a way with and people treated equally whethr from a class system or a caste system. Always there is a degree in every society that characterizes social inequality. However, when social inequality is based on a ladder of groups it is termed as social stratification where groups of people nare ranked unequally due to the economic rewards and power they have in the society. Class system of the United States is categorized in a five-class model. One to two percent of the populations in US are categorized as upper class, 20-25 percent are categorized as lower class which consists of people who do not have regular work, single mothers who hve dependant kids. Between the upper class and lower class are the upper middle class, the lower middle class and the working class. Caste system is however different because if you were born into a catse life you will remain there. It would be very ill-fittng if i was born in a caste life where my life is already pre-determined. This means that if I was born a slave I would remain a slave without being given a chance to rise to the top. Caste can control or determine one’s social life in different ways: the work that a person does, marriage within the caste, socializing within people only from the caste, indulging in social or beliefs that reinforces the caste system only. A racial stratification may be used to describe races with different social capacity,

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In United States there are different races which give birth to racial stratification, such as the whites, African Americans, Asian Americans.however ethinic stratification is different as it is in existence due national origin or cultural patterns that differ from others. A race, gender and ethinc group in United States creates classes where discrimination and predudice come about. Minorities and those with low economic structure are highly exploited by those with high social energy, (Poe, 2008).

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