The oriental culture is still prominently evident in China, while the western liberal culture is still in the process of adoption. Culture significantly influences the average probable mate preferences in any societal set up. The majority of Chinese men are still conservative and seek a submissive woman. A submissive woman means one who holds the will of her male mate in higher regard than her own wishes. This is the traditional Chinese notion of the ideal woman. In the traditional sense, the Chinese woman is not an outgoing individual. The idea of an outgoing woman is derived from western culture. A man who truly embraces the Chinese culture will not prefer an outgoing woman. In addition, outgoing women are not submissive in the opinion of the male as they have been influenced by the western culture. In the traditional Chinese culture a woman is regarded as a caregiver and bearer of children. Men in the age of early thirties prefer a dutiful women rather than an outgoing woman. However, this preference is primarily evident in men who have minimal western influence (BJ, 2007).

For a Chinese man, beauty is less appreciated than it is in the other parts of the world. The ability to undertake responsibility is more important to a Chinese man as a characteristic of a woman. Men are more interested in a woman who is not career driven. Carrier driven women are incapable of taking good care of the family in comparison with a woman who brings some income to the relationship. A man considers himself the primary provider, a role the majority of men do not want to be violated. When a woman fits comfortably into the traditional role, she is likely to derive favour with a Chinese husband whether he adequately provides for them or not. If Chinese woman takes the role of providing for the family, it is easily considered by the man that she is overstepping her roles in the family (Hays, 2012).

A Chinese man prefers a woman who does not express her views prominently. One Chinese man in his early thirties says he prefers a woman who keeps to herself. To a Chinese man being quite indicates that a woman is polite and that the man’s authority and control is not threatened in any way. If a woman keeps more to herself, a Chinese man will regard this as a healthy relationship and is less likely to quarrel the woman. When one Chinese man was interviewed, he said that he liked his wife because she was quiet rather than for any other quality (Li, 2008).

 Submissiveness of a woman and dominance of the males is closely related to age for the Chinese men. A Chinese man in his early thirties is less likely to prefer a woman in her late forties. On the other hand, the same Chinese man will regard a woman in her twenties as attractive. This emanates from the traditional culture, which emphasizes that a man should seek a younger woman who is much less experienced in life matters. This is essential for the man to keep control of the relationship. According to one Chinese man, a man is less likely to keep a relationship under control if he dates an older woman. This is also the average nature of the universal culture of relationships pertaining men and women (Sina, 2011).

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Chinese men prefer women who are more attentive to their appearance. A woman who is overly concerned with good appearance is desirable to a Chinese man since this is a feminine. The woman does not have to be naturally attractive. All the same, she must be concerned with her appearance to present a true Chinese woman. On the other hand, intelligence is regarded as a setback for Chinese men when dealing with a woman. Chinese men in their early thirties regard learned women as incapable of performing their duties in the relationship with the desired willingness and effectiveness. This traditional view is owed much to the ancient Confucian theories that dismiss an intelligent woman as incapable of carrying out her duties such as taking care of the family. Confucius taught that an intelligent woman or an educated woman is likely to abscond form her duties. Men’s preference for subservient and less intelligent women is considerably increasing as China is becoming a more capitalist society (Toro-Morn & Sprecher, 2003). The communist ideology, which upheld the importance of the contribution of women in the society, is dying away. Consequently, subservient women are again becoming a preference for the Chinese men.

For a Chinese man sexual encounters are an initiative of men. It is pervasive for a woman to express her sexual desire in the traditional Chinese culture. On the other hand, Chinese men prefer the conventional anatomical features of women. Masculine women or women exhibiting masculine characteristics are not preferable to Chinese men. This is another reason why they prefer women who are younger.

Generally, Chinese men regard themselves superior to Chinese women. A woman whose behaviour contradicts this common belief is not attractive to the typical Chinese man. A woman, who concurs with the Chinese man’s behaviour, that the man is superior to the woman, attracts immense favour from Chinese men. This traditional notion considerably influences the Chinese men in various aspects. Subservience of a woman is a typical traditional belief in a majority of the Chinese ethnic groups. A man should always be in control and the more outgoing partner in the couple (WL, 2006). This means that the woman must lead a reserved life for her to be considered attractive in the Chinese society. In conclusion, a woman who adores her mate in a relationship in all aspects and undertakes the role of the caregiver is the most attractive to a Chinese man.

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