Gender discrimination results from the unequal treatment of sexes. It is thus mainly based on the how persons are treated due to their sex but not entirely on their gender differences. There are some anti-discriminatory laws put in place to curb gender discrimination. Violation to these laws includes setting up different opportunities for promotion and working conditions for different sexes. Another violation of the laws can occur when better terms are offered by lenders to a particular gender. It is thus an illegal practice that is fought against by law.

 The first cause of gender discrimination is poverty.  This is common in the developing countries. Women are the major culprits since they are overwhelmingly poor. It is rather saddening that women in these countries are subjected to very inhuman treatment (Kimura, 118). Such treatments includes, domestic violence, forced child-marriages, denial to inherit property and human trafficking. Poverty is thus a great contributing factor to the immense suffering of different gender particularly women.

The second cause of gender discrimination is high population growth rate. Women in such conditions consider child bearing as their only means of security, survival, and status. In an attempt to reduce the cases of discrimination, many women find themselves at odd situations when they get unwanted pregnancies, and responsibility of raising a lot of children (England, 149). Teenage pregnancies contribute to high growth rate of the population. Such women who get children at young ages often experience social stigma. This restricts fair opportunities for women and thus leads to further suffering.

The third cause of gender issues is the so called fallacy of men superiority (Kimura, 118). Male chauvinism has been very rampant in many societies. Men have the pride that they cannot be under the authority of women leaders in many areas. The men believe that women are rather weak in leadership or in conducting certain issues thus do not deserve anything better than being under men’s authority.

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The effect of gender discrimination is the reduced economic growth and development. This is as a result of poor education opportunities offered to women. This is a big challenge to economic growth since most of the worlds uneducated gender is the girl child. The uneducated girls are the most vulnerable to early pregnancy thus hindering positive development of the economy. Among the 350 million children who have no access to education record two-thirds to be girls (UNFPA). The gap of gender inequality reduces where the girl child is well educated and has proper medical facilities access and family planning resources.

Another effect of the gender issue is the feeling of loss and a negative mind set in women of their ability to deliver positive results. This has in turn led to the underrepresentation of women in sports, workplace and academics (Steel et al, 47). With the high representation of men in most of the major places, women have been looked down upon while their male counterparts are favored.

The third effect on the gender issue in the workplace results to employee turnover. A hostile working environment also results in the case of unfair treatment of personnel based on gender. There are high cases of harassment in the workplaces where gender discrimination is not curbed. In some case, violence is experienced in the workplace (England, 149).

The best solution to fight these gender issues is to set up both federal and state laws in all the states to prohibit any discrimination based on the gender of an individual. Remedies for cases of gender discrimination should be established where offenders in financial institution, education institutions and work places should compensate those they discriminate against. Certain inclusion and promotion of diversity will also be very essential in remedying gender discrimination and enhance both sexes equality.

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