There have been numerous reports of children being bullied in schools across the country. This may be vetted on people because of the way they look, talk and walk or due to their religious affiliation. Every person has a right to human dignity and it is a crime that affects the dignity of a person. The offenders are mostly ignorant people who take advantage of others just for the sake of it. Unfortunately it has been something that most parents and school leaders do not address since the victims do not want to come out and become embarrassed over the actions vetted on them.

            Harassment is also a vice that is rampant in our schools today. Children are harassed by others for various reasons and this always has a negative effect on the victims since it robs them of their dignity and lowers their self esteem. The youth today are governed by a strict code that the society has put across and many of them who find that they do not fit into this code often feel out of place in the society. There is a certain look that girls should have and those that are not skinny, tall and lack long lustrous hair are often sidelined and harassed. The use of weapons has become so rampant within the society today simply because of the influence that the social media has had on the youth. Many young people will seek to look cool by having a gun since that is what their hero in their favorite movie or computer game uses. Graffiti has been used within the society for good and bad reasons. Some young people are talented artistically and will join together and form groups that will be out to assist them nurture their talent. This kind of positivity will lead to the youth making and creating beautiful murals in designated areas that will assist them grow their talents. However there are those that will have an ulterior motive and use their talents for the wrong reasons. They will write hate messages on private property and take no offence in destroying other people’s property.     

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            People in areas of life tend to seek out acceptance from others. This reason alone makes many more young people to seek acceptance in gangs within their neighborhoods that will make them feel wanted by the others. Some people will end up opining violent gangs in their endeavor for acceptance and in the process they will be exposed to the use of drugs and other harmful substances that will eventually destroy their lives. The environment that some youth find themselves growing up in also contributes a lot to their final outcome. When people grow in an environment that is defined by terror, abuse and violence, these will eventually become the bench marks to their future lives. They take up the activities that they see occurring within their neighborhoods and eventually end up joining the wrong company engaging in the same violent behavior that they have witnessed all their lives.

            Strict measures should be put in place to shield children and other people against bullying and harassment especially in schools. Those that have been victims of this kind of negative behavior should be encouraged to speak out and report their perpetrators. Those found guilty of bullying others especially in schools should have tough measures vetted on them to reduce this act. They should be expelled from school and banned from attending any schools for a stipulated amount of time. This will give them ample time to think about what they had done and will reduce the number of bullies since no one would want to be banned from school. Weapons are only safe when in the right hands and only used for the right purpose. Anyone found to be in violation of firearms should face the full wrath of the law despite their age. Gun control has been an issue that has been debated across America for the longest time and we should all remember that a gum in the wrong hands is a weapon of terror. Anyone can become a victim of gun violence thus the need to have control measures as to who can own a gun and for what purpose it is intended to be used.

            As discussed, violence can be vetted in many forms by different people and can target just about anyone. It is our prerogative to keep ourselves safe and to ensure that our neighborhoods and immediate surroundings’ are safe from violence. Violent people should be put away in prisons since they have no value for human life.


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