Various forms and incidences of discrimination have been filed against the Britain government. In response, the government initiated a reporting form in which all forms of discrimination are enumerated for easy reporting. The types of discrimination incidents include verbal abuse, physical assault, telephone call or email, criminal damage, threat, written materials in cyber, graffiti and media abuse aimed at a particular ethnicity or race.

Sexual discrimination in Britain is either practiced directly or indirectly. In employment offices and working places, managers and directors use direct sexual discrimination to favour employees on ground of sexuality, whereby the employers may request for asexual favour before promotion. On the other hand, indirect sexual discrimination is concern with company that sets legal terms and conditions that justify sexual discrimination based on job requirements and conditions. Sexual discrimination applies when promoting and training for development opportunities and financial promotion benefits. Examples of sexual harassment incidence may include though not exclusive to unwarranted sexual comments and touching, leering at someone’s physical body, displaying offensive and sexual posters, sending lewd emails to identified and unidentified persons. Particularly, women face sexual harassment more than men by virtue of poor galvanize legal order to contain sexual discrimination. The main impacts of sexual harassment are shame that prompts emotional and sometimes physical injury. Under the British law, sexual harassment is illegal, if it can be proven before a court of law. The first objective for a victim is usually to report the matter to the manager concern and if possible by contacting the workers trade union to launch a complaint only after gathering evidence in case the employment tribunal is to be involved to discuss the consequences of sexual harassment that may include work dismissal. The British government is not certain about how to end sexual discrimination, but legal procedures have been put in place to prosecute sexual harassment perpetrators, if only the victim can collect court tenable evidence; on the contrary, female victims of sexual molestation lack courage to collect and gather evidence against their managers and possible sexual harassers.

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England legal practice to protect citizens against discrimination is affected by the broader and more defined European Union Law. The European Union discourages discrimination based on nationality, sex, race, religion, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation and disability. Employment agencies have been accused of directly forbidding employment of pregnant women and people from certain ethnic backgrounds, because of perceived weaknesses about these groups of people (Johnston& Lordan 2011) Therefore, if the reason for not accessing employment is established to be a case of pregnancy, the United Kingdom employment equality law outlaws any form of discrimination based on sex and any ethnic beliefs. However, the law is unable to help victims report, because of the law’s inability to standardize individual exposure to discrimination.

Effects of Discrimination

Prevalence of high rates of depression and stigma has been reported to be on the increase among the African Caribbean and South Asian minorities living in Britain. Racial discrimination in Britain towards the minority non white groups has highly contributed to the escalating rates of suicide among the black races living in Britain. Racism prejudice is manifested in racist attacks, inequity in government service receivership and perceived discrimination (Chakraborty &McKenzie 2002).  The impact of discrimination on an individual is dependant on his skin color, socio economic status, context of discrimination and political philosophies.                               

Recent researches have proved that discrimination is a major cause of stress among individuals. 

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