The American middle class refers to a social class that is found in the United States. Different scholars have different theories to explain the American middle class. It may constitute from 25% to 65% of households. The professional or upper middleclass constitutes mainly highly educated and well paid Americans  including managers as well. The lower middleclass consists of semiilliterates. Most people in America like to believe that they are in the middle class.

Factors that Led to its Emergence

The main factor that brought the emergence of the middleclass is the differences in incomes among Americans. There are people who are highly paid while others are not even employed. Only the employed people are in the middle class. These are people with college education. Those people who are illiterate do not belong to this group (Blumin, 1989).Due to these differences in literacy levels and income, the American middleclass emerged.

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Change of Structure and Nature of Family

The middle class is a social group of people who are well paid. Some may not receive high salaries, but they still have a considerable one. The funds present for use by a family change the structure of the family (Richardson, 2004). The property that the family acquires is based on this fact. Therefore, the place of residence as well as the lifestyle of the families depends on whether they belong to  the middle class or not. The middle class is also a respected group with which Americans want to associate. Therefore, being there totally changes the structure of a family (Nelson, 1988).


The essay above is a demonstration of how social classes are vital to a nation. They are able to transform the nature and structure of families. This is what the middle class has done to America as a state. The people in the middleclass normally face similar financial problems in times of crisis. They exist as a distinct social group.

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