In any given society, different issues emerge from time. A spectrum of methods could be used to resolve the various issues that arise depending on their nature and level of complexity. We shall focus on interest -based method of problem solving that involves a number of steps as discussed below.

The Issue

In the case dealing with the media during a high- profile incident, the issues include how to handle the victim and his family, what can be done by union leaders and police chief in response to the crisis, and how best the publicity of the crisis can me managed.

The stake holders and Interests

There are various stakeholders in this particular crisis which include the victim, the victim’s family, the officers, the news media, the mayor, the Latino community, the union and the police department. We are going to look at the crisis situation from the police management standpoint. The police management has the following interests. It would want to maintain a good image in the eyes of the public so as to promote public confidence in the institution. They would also wish to promote strong community relations which would enhance cooperation between the two parties. The police leadership would also wish to show compassion to the victim’s family without being judgmental before the case is concluded. They will also wish to depoliticize the crisis situation as well as holding responsible the persons accountable after the necessary investigations have been carried out. It is worth mentioning that the other stakeholders mentioned above have their interests that must be taken care of for the effective conclusion of this case. Special consideration has to be given to the welfare of the victim’s family and resolving the perceived image of the police force.

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The Options

There are a couple of options that can be employed to handle the crisis situation. These may include convening an impartial panel to look into the matter, suspending the concerned officers with pay awaiting the conclusion of investigations, arranging a meeting with community leaders to discuss how best the crisis can be defused and the police-Latino relations strengthened, offering compassion publicly to the victim’s family, assuring the public and the victims family that appropriate action will be taken on the perpetrators if any wrong doing is established. Priority, however, should be given to the welfare of the victim and the Latino community.

Evaluating options against interests-the matrix step

After evaluating the different options generated against the various interests, some options yielded optimum results. These include arranging a meeting with leaders of the Latino community; this will serve to pacify the community and change their perception of the police force. The police management will use this forum to bridge the widening gap between the two parties arising from some previous misconceptions. Suspending the officers with pay awaiting conclusion of investigation will also bear considerable fruits. This will be in line with the policy and will also boost public confidence that justice is being served. Convening an impartial panel to look into the case will also serve the same purpose as the latter as well as increasing the credibility of the investigation’s outcome. A combination of the above options will serve the interests of various stake holders across the board thus leading to an amicable solution to the crisis 

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