The Little Hero

Courage and heroism are the features that help people to gather their power and save themselves in case of a disaster. One of the examples is the case that recently took place in Georgia. In the town of Bartow, a 5-years old boy woke up at night because of the smell of smoke. Due to the courage and ability to think quickly, the little hero managed to save all his family from the fire.

Noah Woods was the first of eight family members, who woke up because of snow. Together with him, in the room, there was sleeping his 2-years old sister. The boy did not panic. He took the girl in his arms and brought her outside through the window. Then, Noah came back home to save his dog. He pulled the pet to a safe place. The next action of the boy was to go to the neighbor`s and wake up his uncle. Together, they managed to warn the rest of the family members about the fire.

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When the rescuers came to the house, they saw that all of the inhabitants of the burning house went out into the street. The boy and four other family members were hospitalized with minor burns and slight carbon monoxide poisoning. The brave actions of the 5-years old boy helped to prevent a tragedy. The local firefighting department recognized the boy as Honorary Bartow County Firefighter. This award is usually given to experienced firefighters, but in this case, the boy showed the courage that is not inherent even to some adults. One of the key features that helped the boy in this situation was his quick thinking and the ability to avoid panicking. The age of the boy could play an important role in this case because Noah could perceive everything like a fairy tale with a happy end.

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