He believes that narcissism in the current society is associated to the existing sharp disparity between the intellectual development of humans and the mental-emotional development. Based on the three articles the generations can be classified as a narcissistic generation.  Generation Y are more confident and achievement oriented.  Further more the technological changes have promoted the narcissistic behaviours of this generation which has fostered their true characteristic. This is because, as a narcissistic generation, they have a fear for weakness, and in most of the instances, this generation focuses on themselves (Sharon Jayson, pp 1). This generation has deep seated insecurity with underlying felling of inadequacy.

The setting of this generation is the one where the cost of education has gone up such that it even exceeds American annual income. The favourite sports for this generation are white water rafting. This generation have several ideals, and they are ambitious in nature. For instance, some of them want to be social workers but they have high expectations of earning more than their preceding generation (Sharon Jayson, pp 2). The ideas of this generation are exaggerated when they are still young. They find idealism appropriate for them. They have the mentality of living exemplary lives. For this group idealism is defined as an ordinary, well respected profession within the human services. In addition, the mindset found in most of the campus students currently is the mindset with premature pragmatism. With this mindset, the intellectual agenda of this group is inclusive of problem solving as well as the discovery of a new source of human evils in the society. Most of the students in campuses focus on tentative reading on the purpose of their lives in the society.

The Gen Y generation is the generation that embraces the development of individuals at different stages. Through preservation of the images of oneself at the various stages of developments helps in weakening the older ideas of development as a moral education and it promotes more passive ideologies, which hinder the development at the right time. The current life embraces development which consists of the passage through several stages at the right time. This brings a different kind of cultural change which displays a wide range of narcissistic responses that give encouragement to self scrutiny. The ideas of normative development create the fears that any deviation form the norms has pathological sources. Narcissism appears in the daily life in an effort to cope up with tension. The students develop narcissistic behaviours due to the increasing tension in fulfilment and satisfaction of their needs in the society. In addition, premature pragmatism is popular in colleges in comparison to the recent eras. Most of the students would rather swallow goldfish in order to impress their friends or the administration, in the demand for a better environment. For example in colleges, there has been a significant decrease in students majoring in mind expanding and remunerative fields like history and mathematics. Rather, most of the students focus on business related courses, while the proportion of the students majoring in philosophy has vanished to less than one percent. This has led to decrease in idealism, and the increase in the use of education as a source of livelihood.

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 It is difficult to predict career choices as what seem to be an excellent choice maybe the worst choice in the future. For example, the students wishing to major in chemistry would seem to be safer in two decades and then the changes occur where another subject becomes more marketable than the others. The saddening thing about the current premature pragmatism is that they are almost certainly unprepared for their middle life career destinations.  This is because the years spent in preparation for the middle life careers, was spent contemplating about the future tax, mortgages (Larry Gordon and Louis Sahagun 140). The population has lost the heroic dream, and to individuals who did not dream lose their wit, empathy and their perspective in life. The lifestyles have changes and the cost of living has gone up. For example, it requires a six figure income for an individual to qualify to be classified under the middle life class. Most of the people are forced to choose between careers in the human services over their economic securities (Sharon Jayson. Pp144).

The generation Y is more self-centred and are more focused on self promotion. Currently colleges produce students that are more narcissistic than their preceding Gen X. For instance, the services offered by the internet, You Tube and My Space is allowing the self regard blossom even more in Generation Y (Larry Gordon and Louis sahagun, pp 141).  In the narcissistic personality witnessed in most of the students makes them believe that if they were at the top in the society they would have much more to give in the efforts to make the world a better place. The narcissistic behaviours have increased significantly with thirty percent of the students showing narcissism behaviours in the year 2006 compared to the year 1982.  The increase in the narcissistic behaviours could be attributed to the self esteem programs adopted by many of the elementary schools.  For instance, the children in the nursery schools were taught to believe in themselves as unique beings. In addition, most of the adolescents are obsessed with websites like My Space and You Tube, which permits self promotion far allowed in the traditional media (Larry Gordon and Louis sahagun, 138).

Other contributing factors include permissive parenting where parents have increased materialism and fascinated their children with reality shows and celebrities. Since most of the individuals in this generation have grown up in the technology world, they can perform their jobs more effectively with the use of current technological devises such as the laptops, blackberry phones, and other gadgets (Sharon Jayson. Pp141). The generation prefers to communicate through the use of internet facilities such as the use of emails and text messaging rather than to meet face to face. Further more a remarkably distinct characteristic of generation Y is their will to trade their jobs for more flexible schedules and a better work life. They lack commitment and have different visions in the work place. However, some of them are achievement oriented as they were brought up by parents who did not want to make any mistakes. They have high expectations from their employees and are not afraid to seek out new ideas.

In conclusion, generation Y focuses more on reducing the cost of living and making the world abetter place to live. They are easier to help those in need and reducing the cost of living. This is characterised by their determination in achieving their set goals and their confidence of even questioning the authority. The narcissistic behaviours have increased significantly with thirty percent of the students showing narcissism behaviours in the year 2006 compared to the year 1982.

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