When an individual fails to achieve the expected to his or her abilities, then it becomes a source of concerned to any parent and the whole community at large. This result in altered personality, which goes on, to affect all other aspects of an individual’s life. A number of factors contribute directly to poor performance. These could be personal, family or academic. Motivation and self image are the two leading personal factors in a student’s education.  A motivated student has all his or her efforts and personality directed towards the accomplishment of his or her goals and is willing to devote all the resources at hand to achieve this. Academic self concept of an individual comes from peer contact, teacher’s attitude and expectations. There is an attribution of positive self concept to increased chances of academic success. Students with positive self concept will employ appropriate strategies in learning. Parents play a crucial role in progress and education development of their children. By encouraging and supporting their children morally, financially, and helping with their studies parents can significantly help improve their children’s education. The family background determines in a great way the performance attained by a student. Children from formal backgrounds attend the best schools and have access to the all the material required for academic conquest. Other significant family factors are social class variables educational and family environment. The higher one belongs on a social ladder the better their results and expectations for the future. The parent’s level of education and incomes determines ones motivation to achieve. A highly educated parent does not expect their child to achieve anything less. They always push them to achieve more. Teacher to student relationship significantly influences a student’s performance. The student relationship with the peers also affects student performance. With good relationship, a student can learn a lot from his or her peers to improve on the academics.

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 Establishing that an individual is a victim of aggression may be difficult. While one sign alone may not be cause for concern, a number of warning signs may be. Some of the signs of one having been abused may include restlessness, isolation, unexplained bruises or scratches and isolation among others. When a student faces abused outside school, to establish the cause and apprehend perpetrators, the community law enforcement agencies and school needs to work together. By getting involved and showing care and support the victim takes one seriously and feels more comfortable talking about what they are going through.  Comprehensive Approach to abuse can involve education to the victims and the perpetrators, the school policies and strategies to discourage cases of abuse, and the creation and enforcement of consistent discipline programs. All these can significantly help avoid further cases of bullying and reduce its personal and social costs. Some of the good routines a victim can observe include, taking a different route to avoid areas where abuse happens, keep to well lit areas and avoid being alone at any one time.

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