Colson Charles & Morse Anne indicate that the Judicial Court of Massachusetts has given a mandate for the issuance of the same sex marriages wedding certificates. The legislature of Massachusetts, however, calls them the same sex civil unions (Colson and Morse). The article cites the fact that many, gay people rushed to the municipalities to legalize their marriages following these announcements. The article reports that President Bush immediately called for the issue to be discussed in every quarter. He indicated that gay marriage was forced on the Americans by the mayoral or judicial circle. He, however, called on the debate as he said his consequences would fall on all Americans. The author indicates that he is a supporter of the action. However, the authors point out that the change concerning marriage has ended up bringing more confusion than it has brought clarity. The author concludes by saying that same sex marriages should be nullified. This he suggests should be done by amending the law. He claims that failure to do this might lead to a corrupt society.

The authors note that marriage is supposed to be what builds the society by bringing forth children. I agree with this sentiment. Without marriage, it is impossible for the society to grow. Order in the society arises when couples come together and are able to reproduce. However, it is pertinent to note that even heterogeneous couples are sometimes barren. In such instances, these couples are forced to adopt children. This in itself does not defile the order of marriages. Gay marriages can fit in the same category as these marriages. In some gay marriages, the women are able to give birth to their own children. This means that these children are raised by their own biological mothers in a gay marriage setting. The order of creation in itself is enough to ensure there is production. The wild and domestic animals do not couple up as families, yet they multiply.

The same sex marriage is reported to lead to family collapse and cause births that are out of wedlock. The children born out of wedlock are reported to be so disastrous as compared to other children. The author indicated boys who are not raised by their dads end up in prison twice the rate of those how are raised by their fathers. The article further quotes the number of rapists to be composed mostly of children from single families. This is, however, not always true. Some children who have been raised by single mothers have tended to be extraordinarily responsible children. They have risen above the barriers that were presented to them by the society. These children have risen up the ladder to be extremely responsible citizens who could be counted on. In early childhood, it is noted that the character of a child develops from the care of those around them. A child can thus grow to be responsible if the mother or even the nanny is consistent in taking care of them. If this child learns that he can depend on his caregivers, he tends to grow up to exceptionally stable personality. I, therefore, disagree with the fact that a child’s father must be present for the child to become a responsible citizen (Rolleff 12).

The article also notes that girls who are not raised by their fathers drop out of their schools to be married as adolescents. This may well be true. It is, however, notable that contrary research indicates girls who were raised by abusive fathers are the most defiant women in society. I, therefore, defer from the authors opinion that a father’s presence brings order to a girl. In fact, many times girls have been in disastrous identity search due to faulty relationships with their fathers (Eskridge & Spedale 45).

To re-emphasize this point heterogeneous parents sometimes raise children who tend to be darned violent and insecure. This is especially in instances where the parents are constantly fighting. It is also true in instances where the parents are too busy for their children.

In my opinion, gay parents are remarkably well likely to raise responsible children. This is just as long as these parents offer support and love to their children. As a child is growing up, all they need is love from their caretakers. However, the children may face the stigmatization syndrome from the society. This may cause these children to be insecure, and as a result, they may become extremely defiant. Children and adolescents tend to develop a protective measure from stigmatization by becoming acutely violent and destructive. It is, therefore, possible that these children will become defiant at some point in their lives. However, the legalization of gay marriages is likely to make gay marriages acceptable. This may mean that the gay families will not be stigmatized. In such instances, children from gay families will grow up as normal children.

Despite all this, children are likely to grow up wondering who their real parents are (Polikoff 4). This may be a cause of instability in the lives of the children. Some part of, the article states, those gay marriages, will form a separation between marriage and parenthood. The author cites that most religious laws like Muslim and Christianity advocate for heterogeneous marriages. He states that these are the only legal marriages.

The article states that failure to amend the marriage act shall cause a lot of chaos on the street and cause many criminals in the society. In my opinion, gay marriages may not be supported by the books. Not every member of the society may support them. However, it is expedient to cut them some slack and not blame them for every ill in the society. Instead, even the heterogeneous marriages leave a lot to be desired and they have contributed to bringing forth a distractive society.

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