I see myself possessing sociological imagination as described by Mills. According to Fuller (2006), Mills defines the concept of social imagination as the ability to discern the impact of social forces on the individuals’ private and public lives. In my bid to demonstrate that I have a sociological imagination, I will seek to express my understanding on how both the individuals and the larger society which form the basis for their social forces shape peoples experience.

Personally, I have a good understanding of the larger historical scene and proper analysis of its meaning for both the inner life and the external career of a variety of individuals. In addition, I also understand how individuals use their daily experience in line with their social positions. In line with the requirements of social imagination as illustrated by Leven (2004), I posses a good understanding of the operation of the modern society and how it help formulate the psychology of men and women. With this information I am have been well aware of how the differences between various specific troubles are transformed into the involvement with public issues separating me from others.

In addition, I am able to understand my own experience and predict my fate appropriately within my lifetime. This has been possible since I can predict the existing opportunities majorly by determining those of all the individuals whose circumstances are similar to mine. Another ability that demonstrates my qualification is my ability to understand history and biography individually and how they relate within the society. This has been possible through my ability to ask questions related to the structure of my society as a whole, where my society stands in respect to the human history, and lastly the variety between men and women that presently prevail in my society and period.

In conclusion, the various understandings and the ability to answer the three questions are in deed clear indications that I possess the sociological imagination which enables me to see the world in many perspectives.

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