Discoveries made by various anthropologists indicate that the first Americans migrated from Northern Asia, Polynesia, South Asia, and even Europe. In fact, the scientists claim that the first people to have populated America more than 20,000 years ago were from Northeast Asia. The wanderers came to be known as Native Americans (Immigration History 8). Around the year 1000, a small number of vikings also arrived. Five hundred years later, the great European migration began. Native Americans and Europeans had a rough time understanding each other’s cultures, which frequently resulted in violence. In early 1619, slaves from Africa and the Caribbean were brought forcibly to America. All these migrations later contributed to the current ethnic makeup of America. However, increasingly more people from other continents continued to migrate to America. Some of the reasons for the migration included seeking fortune in the new land, which was considered to be rich in resources.

Perhaps, the most intriguing story is that of the migration of Southern Asians to America. Nearly 20,000 years ago, in the land of Phillipines there lived Angelo, a young boy of Indian and Philippine descent. Angelo lived with his 90-year old grandmother, a very religious woman whom the people of Huria town called “Saintee’, which is a Christian word for “people who die at the service of others”.

Since his grandmother was too old to be a breadwinner Angelo often went to a small forest nearby that had a lot of wild fruits that monkeys loved so much. That was all they ate, apart from the little food ma’am Katrina brought three days a week in a wooden bowl. On the first day of spring, Angelo woke up as usual and went to fetch some hay for Neloo, a horse that the small family owned. Swiftly as he could Angelo made his way to the forest. He quickly found his favorite tree, the one that always had the biggest and juiciest grapes. He roughly folded his knee-length short that Hurians loved to call katura, and quickly climbed up the fourth branch. He reached out his right hand and grabbed the first bunch of the fruits which only whetted his appetite. He then reached for the others and started throwing them down for later collection.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew bending the gigantic tree the boy was clinging on. Angelo held his face on his left armpit waiting for the gush to end. Suddennly, a small stone from above hit his head and bounced to the ground. ‘Aaw… What was that!’ frowned Angelo. Ten inches from the ground, he struggled to trace the spot the stone had found solace. And there it lay, three inches from the root of his favorite tree. Sighing aloud, he switched his attention to the task that brought him to the forest. Interestingly, Angelo felt something reflect in his left eye. He peered really hard trying to figure out where the reflection had originated. Alas! The small stone was more than his little mind could comprehend. This mysterious thing was beginning to annoy Angelo. He climbed down the tree and half-angry and half-curious slowly reached for the stone. He took a moment to study it before stretching his hand to touch it. Suddenly, Angelo felt a cold chill run down his spine and thereafter he blacked out.

Lying prostrate, Angelo opened his eyes to find himself lying in some sort of liquid reminiscent of water. He turned his body to face down, not a drop of water was oozing from his clothes or skin. Underneath the “water” was small fish running around excitedly, a safe haven for the marine life. Angelo then tried to hit the water with his hand but not a splash separated the waters from his hand. He lifted his head and ran his eyes around. It was all flat and empty; there was no vegetation, no starting point or end point of the area, just the water that spread to an unknown end. A wrinkle formed on his forehead, and his nose was twitching up and down, perhaps from a large grasp of air his nostrils had to put up with. This was planet Enceladus, a little known planet that humans are yet to discover. Enceladus bears gases that humans can inhale without suffocating or dying. The human is also the largest creature in the place and even weirdest the fish have seen. A group of small fish had already started gathering around his feet. Scared to the bone, Angelo began calling out his grandma’s name. “Grandma nuttie! Grandma nuttie!”, and tears were beginning to form in his blue eyes.

A strong wind began to blow, and the ground began to shake uncontrollably. Angelo took to the ground covering his eyes with his left hand. After a while, all was still again and Angelo tried to lift his head slowly. Standing three inches away from him was a beautiful woman. She was about his height, looking like a mermaid and glowing like the stars in the night. There was only one weird thing about her - her skin was kind of plastic all the way to the tail. Lost for words, Angelo stared at the extraterrestrial blankly. “You were saying?” said a soft voice from the lady. “Who are you, and what do you want from me?”  Her lips curling into a smile, the mermaid walked towards him and tapped his nose with her long neat nails, “That is not the issue, got a lot of work for you my boy,” said the lady. “Am not your boy, you plastic dummy!” shouted Angelo angrily. Angelo heard a siren blare and felt a force spin his whole body slowly, and then faster and faster, untill he felt like his brain was popping out. “Stop!” He shouted. The force withdrew letting him go on the ground with a thud. His head felt dizzy and body extremely exhausted as if he had just been lifted by one of those big machines he heard his villagers call train. “Come on we have little time left. Follow me now!” shouted the mermaid. Angelo struggled to his feet and trudged along towards an unknown destination. “Seriously!” exclaimed the lady. She then pressed a button on her left hip and a large feather emerged lifting Angelo from the ground like a piece of paper.  The mermaid pressed another button on her left shoulder and a huge house, a palace of a kind, popped out of nowhere. The two went through the electric doors that produced irritating noises every time they opened.

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Angelo felt his buttocks hit a hard spot. “Ouch! I just landed on something hard!” he exclaimed. “Blah, blah, blah…Now listen, you will go back to your village and convince the Philippines and other southern Asians to migrate to the United States. There, I expect you to acquire land for our people,” said the mermaid. Already bewildered Angelo, stammered out, “You must be crazy. I am just a young boy from Huria and my grandmother is all alone now, with no one to feed her. And you are telling me to do some ….eer what is the right word….” “Stop acting like a baby cry, Angelo! You are fourteen years old, your voice is already breaking, and you have no time to call yourself young anymore. Look, if you do as I say, you will find your grandmother alive and well. I am also a Christian, and I would never hurt you or your grandmother, because that is not what our Creator would want.” Bursting into laughter, Angelo nearly cried: “You? Christian? Hahahahaha!!!.” “Shut up, kid!” ordered mermaid.  “There is a lot you do not know. Now pay attention,” she added. Angelo stopped laughing. “I am a mermaid, my father was an alien from planet Mars, and my mother was Asian. My father was a rebellious kid; he would always get himself into trouble. One day he set out on a journey to Earth. He mingled with humans, even worked for them. They never noticed that he was no human. It was there that he met my mother, a daughter of a poultry farmer from Indonesia. They fell in love and in a short while I was born, being half-human and half-alien.” “But you look… eer… Half-fish…And your body is all plastic…How come?” enquired Angelo. “I know…I was the only child, and everything you see is a curse. My grandfather told my father that due to his rebellious nature he would never sire a human. When I was born looking like this, my dad had to find a way to hide me from humans, otherwise they would kill me. He pleaded with his eldest brother, my grandfather’s favorite, to take me with them. My uncle agreed to help, but instead of bringing me to Mars, he brought me to Enceladus,” said the mermaid.

Two scientists named Enceladus among other planets that could support life, such as Venus, Mars, Europa, Jupiter’s moon, and Titan, Saturn’s moon (Webstar et al 26). In 2011, NASA scientists reported that Enceladus could  be the second most likely planet after Earth to support life in the Solar system .

“My parents died three years ago,” she continued. “But before dad passed away, he told me to find a way to take mum’s people to America, a land that was meant to harbor more cultures than any other continent, and which one day would become a super power and rule the world. He wanted my mum’s people to be part of the history in the making.” “And that is where you come in.

 Tomorrow, I will take you back to Huria. You will tell your grandma that you want to take your people to a better place. Tell her that you had a dream that America holds the greatest resources her people will exploit to make her a super power.” But she won’t believe me!” exclaimed Angelo. “She holds you dear and believes you are the greatest gift from God. So, when you tell her, she will think that God spoke to you in your dream, and she is responsible for making the dream come true,” replied the mermaid.

“Why me, mermaid? And how did u get me here?” asked Angelo. “I needed a strong believer, a hard-working and ambitious person. Besides, you and me have one thing in common, for we are a product of two different cultures. As to how I got you here…Well, I got my powers from my alien grandma. It means that I know where each human stays, I know where the good land and people are, and I can also move anything anywhere I want,” replied mermaid. She looked around and said,. “But I love Encladus. It is and will foreverl be my home, so I do not want to leave it,” she added.

Angelo agreed to carry out the mission. He was also allowed to visit the mermaid whenever he missed her. He only needed to discover his secret code to Encladus, which he instinctively noted.  It was number 13, a result of 10 + 3. 10 stood for the length in inches he was up the tree when the stone hit his head. And 3 denoted the distance in inches from the stone to the root of his favorite tree.

Later on, Angelo fell into a deep sleep, and the mermaid took him back to his land. Angelo then told grandma Nuttie of the ‘dream’ exactly the way the mermaid had recommended. Grandma Nuttie believed Angelo; she went to churches and market places and delivered the good news about migrating to America. Within a year, a good number of Southern Asians had made up their minds to travel to America. They chose South America to be their new home.

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