Social problems are usual phenomena in the current society. Indeed, the menace has really affected most families in America and the global perspective. It is amazing that the students in America currently engage in activities not considered morally upright in the society. Social problems are issues affecting the well-being of an individual either directly or indirectly. They may include issues like alcoholism and drunkenness, pornography, prostitution, robbery, teenage pregnancy, sexuality, tribalism, nepotism, racism among others. Students and children raised in a drug-raced society where everyone is involved with ingestion of drugs in one way to the other. Wrong prescription of medicinal drugs is a common phenomenon in stores and street chemists in our towns, (Deborah 45). It is even funny that these drug stores are indeed located in almost every corner of streets right to residential areas. This implies that students get the best chance to purchase these drugs from the stores.

Systemic Factors and Their Effects on Teenage Personality Behaviors

Systemic factors are those factors that leads to the origin of the social problem evidence in a person in the subject. These drugs advertisement freely occur in the media just as any other edible foodstuff. Indeed, they cover much of the advertising space than even the important commodities like floor and fuel. The children and the students become the main product-market in this intensified competition for drugs. Some parents of students stock some drugs, some of medicinal quality in their house such as painkillers and some fever relieving drugs. They end up using them in a much-disorganized manner because no medical practitioner is around to direct them on to their usage. This indeed is making some individuals to become addicted to these medicines without their conscious, knowledge or expectation. It also makes some students have a great problem in their learning process or their other daily activities since they are already used to such and such a medicine (Kann pg.9).

Sexuality is another issue of importance. It is a subject that requires observation when handling issues to do with sexuality especially among the youth or the teenagers. This issue has grown to an alarming rate that even the church, government and other organizations have come up with social campaigns that can help salvage the situation. The church has now started to claims of zero tolerance on sex. Slogans like ‘say no to sex’ help control the seemingly uncontrollable teenagers. The government has also introduced several measures in schools just to help the teenagers (Donald 56).

The most active ages are the ages between 15 and 17 years old. These students expected to be in their high school engage in sexual activity seems to decrease as the age progresses towards adulthood. This attributes to the issue that many tend to settle down in life after college to make some meaning out of their life. The remedies that can help reduce the rate of rising sexuality among the teenagers are far from discussion (Kann 23) These are issues like the abstinence education in the schools and the entire public. The other is the development of a comprehensive sex education in the schools and colleges. Some cultural backgrounds generally help in discouraging of teenage sex. Some individuals also generally fear contacting the deadly diseases associated with sex. These parameters have, different effective, rates of keeping off the age of the onset of sex among developing individuals.

How Systemic Factors Impact on the Individuals Overall Health

Teenage sexuality is seemingly growing out of hand, because all these efforts seem to bear very little fruit in the end. Teenagers are getting sexually active day by day. Indeed the age at which modern children become sexually active seems to be dropping to tender ages. This is very detrimental to society because it would lead to serious implications of children born out of wedlocks. This behavior also escalates the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, which are indeed lethal. The best example is the HIV/ AIDS, which is a major pandemic in most countries (Donald 56). The issue of HIV is very common in the developing countries. Poverty in these countries is very rife and the girls are enticed into sex by their counterparts through offering money and other gifts. Signs of the new teenage conservatism are on the rise especially the boys.

It is amazing that the comprehensive sex education has a lot of effectiveness towards helping the situation than the issue of total abstinence. The issue of abstinence as advocated by the church, specifically Catholic Church, appears less effective. This is because they just pledge themselves to the teenagers without proper education for teenagers who fully understand the situation at hand. This has affected the fight against AIDS in most developing countries. Girls turn away from such acts when they hear of the past misfortunes that have befallen some of their peers. Boys, on the other hand, appear stubborn and tend to experiment issues even with their body. The girls looked at the divorce cases, diseases, and the entire carnage of their parental lineage. This forced the girls to calm down and lower their urge for sex. The boys would want to take after their masculine nature of venturing into everything, and this has led to many boys to engage in sex especially those from the ghettos in America.

Some individuals have lowered or even abstained from sex due to the fear of contacting a disease. This is very common in areas where the diseases are very rife as in the developing countries. The practice is very common in the upper states of America. The rates of coitus, abortion and stillbirths, may convince some teenagers to evade the path of sexual activity. Responsible sex rather that the postponed sex may be the fact to explain the decline in teenage sex in some areas. This has caused a larger disparity in health divide among the teenager between those who engage actively to sexual pleasures with those who do not.

How Patterns of Obesity Affect Health Divides

On the Afro-American health platform, voices from the health divide have examined teenage pregnancy prevention and obesity. Reports state that due to a high rate of pregnancy prevention drugs, many women find their body increasing in size, some to extreme forms. The danger posed by these oversize bodies is a high risk to become obesity and resultant high blood pressures.

From some data collected from researches, it is clear that fewer girls are experienced in sex than boys are. Among the whites, the rate of sexual activity between boys and girls are the same or in other words equal (Sharon 64). The boys tend to have their first sexual intercourse within some sort of relationship which could run for one week or less. Therefore, it is essential to understand that the definition of a relationship in the minds of a teenager is quite different from an adult's definition. The relationships of teenagers take a very short time to some cases. Others may be too long that may even lead to marriage, but all in all these cases are minimal in the current society. There is good and acceptable reason to believe that the decline in boys’ sexual activity or orientation is due to the increase in the girls’ control over the sexual intercourse conditions. Girls would insist on the safer sex practices and recommend it to the boys. This would also help in reducing the sexual urge in the boys.

Does this mean that the boys are very dependent on the girls for their control over sex? The answer to this question is very complex. A study that conducted in the Berkeley College found out that more women became concerned on the issues of pregnancy, diseases and other factors related to sex than their male counterparts. This could be the reason as to why boys are more reluctant to the issue of sex activity reduction than girls. The male counterparts take advantage of being part of pregnancy and, therefore, decide to be very reckless in their sexual behavior.

Most Effective Change in Value Added Education

Our public education system should have a common goal to all students to re-embark on eventual career building. Under No Child Left Behind Act, the federal roles of school is punitive rigid and prescriptive. This results to uneven standards, shifting goals and low expectations of students. This ought to change if the future is to be. In contemporary times, economies demand a skilled, creative and small workforce that is equipped with global capacity to compete (Sharon pg.32). This concept geared towards being innovative and adaptive to meet worldwide requirements without biasness I race color or sex.

Homeless and Power Law Theory

This happened in the 1980’s in America when the homeless posed a national disaster because of their increasing number. When Culhane developed the database, it was found that a te percent of the subjects were chronically homeless living in the shelters for years. Quite a number of them were mentally ill with disabilities that brought them the social problem. Due to desperation, they spent life in the street, drunk and disorderly. This group caused the social care and the health services a fortune to establish.

Materialism and the Voluntary Simplicity Movement

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Because of continuous rise in the cost of living, more people have joined the class voluntary simplistic movement. This is a situation where they sell all they have to live a simpler life. To economist, this suggests that the  citizen have become more disillusioned with the wave of materialism of their leaders. This problem came to be when Reagan rose to power, he told the people to spend, buy and consume. This was just a typical problem that increased the popularity of republicans but brought a social problem, on the other hand.

There is the expectation of the boy girl relationship with a lot of use of condoms and other protective devices. This would lead to lower level outcomes regarding the problem of coitus. Some women also keep off the issue of active sex due to the fear of sluts. A slut is an individual who demonstrates the sexual revolution is over although the gender revolution for a long time ago. This has led girls having sexual partners who are very faithful and steady in their lifestyles. This would help the girls evades the problem of discrimination in the society by being branded a slut. They achieve this to escape the stigma associated with the problem of referral to as a slut in the contemporary society.

The social problems have really created a low pace in the development of most countries. It is very rife in the developing countries where there are other problems like unemployment and high population growth rate. This aggravates the situation to very high levels. Some students use the drugs that they believe could enhance their learning capability like the Ritalin and the Adderall.

The issue of the internet also affects the situation. Many internet pharmacies offer information on these drugs to the students. The issue of psycho stimulation raises many questions regarding the fields of health, behavior and the general moral standards in the society. It has been a menace in conjunction with the ADHD. It governs an individual’s identity, safety, dependency and artificiality. ADHD has become the most commonly treated problem in America and the world in general. It mostly affects children in the ages between 4 and 12 years. In a gender-based data, it is clear that more boys are engaged in the treatment than their female counterparts are. The US consumes more than of the worlds 80% of Ritalin currently. This shows how the situation is indeed so rife in the American society over the rest of the world.

The gray market that exists in the secondary schools and the colleges greatly escalates the spread of this meaningless gospel among the students in these institutions. This gray market simply sells the psycho stimulants to the unsuspecting and very naive students. This practice is very detrimental to the wider society. The colleges with more competitive standards had a higher percentage of the usage of these drugs. These rates are very in the Northeastern parts of the United States of America. This could be due to the backstreet lifestyle experienced in these regions. There are numerous reasons put forward by the social scientist as the possible reasons as to why these medicines have flooded the market. These factors may issues like rapid change in culture, technological innovations, scientific innovations, de regulations, pharmaceutical consolidation and the poorly managed health institutions.

Sociologists believe that the medical sector simply takes a problem, defines, and treats it as a medical issue. This is the case with Viagra and Prozacera issue in the current society. They believe that the social aspect of the issue should be considered more than the medical treatment that is being carried out in hospitals or by the medical practitioners. This should be alongside the medical diagnosis and treatment. The treatment becomes concentrated on the individuals physical body than focusing on the entire body plus all the external factors affecting the individual. The sociologists believe in the full understanding of the individual rather than just looking at the main physical health of the individual. What will simply follow is a Ritalin generation that is fully associated with the academic success in the medical field.

The parents, students, educators and doctors play a very crucial role in the maintenance and creation of social expectations. The social scientists have argued that the medication process only focuses on the body and its organs. They encompass the whole body including the social factors that affect the body in the individual's living environment. A hands free system in the education system may produce very poor quality students. These students will lack both the academic and moral ethics to dwell with others in the society (Karp pg.56).

America is experiencing a very dangerous health problem issues. This is seen in the problem branded with the name the health divide. Several children in the United States are struggling with the problems of Myriad condition currently. This condition negatively affects their emotional, physical and even the mental health (Karp 78). This implies that the children cannot properly develop in their lifetime. It also shows that most children in America would have the problem with their learning as this condition affects all aspects required in the learning process. This problem is initially detected in the high rates of infant mortality and the low birth weight babies in the American babies.

It is amazing that the United State is among the wealthiest nations in the world yet most of its citizens still languish in poverty and have no access to proper health care facilities. This leads to a very great gap between the health of poor Americans and the rich Americans. The Unite States much more on health care than any other sector in its economy. This is in relation to other developed countries like Sweden, France, Britain and Germany (Howard pg. 41 and Deborah 45). It is even amazing that this is more than other less affluent countries like Italy, Spain and Cyprus. America’s health has improved over the recent years, but the gap between the rich and the poor still lingers with them. This gap encompasses all the individuals in the American country right from whites to blacks, women to men adults to children and all sorts of considerations you may imagine.

Factors enabling the creation of possible solutions

These apply to deter these social problems are such as time factor, resources available and political stability of an economy. Due to the impending nature level of ignorance, it appears that we will continuously keep on losing the cream of our future from social evils (Courtenay, pg. 45). It is with this regard that the government and the civil society have taken the initiative to train these most vulnerable members of the society on the need of their future. The life span of the poor individuals is much higher than that of the rich although the rich have more access to the health facilities than the poor do in the United States of America. This is because the rich may not necessarily consider their nutritional habits in a considerable manner. The rich tend to feed on the foods that are expensive yet very detrimental to their own health. This is because the rich want to feel the taste, that good taste of the food yet the food is dangerous to their lives in the end. The poor, on the other hand, would feed on whatever available they find on their way and stop for the day. Most of the foods consumed by the poor are just but very nutritious as compared to the ones consumed by the rich. This helps in lengthening their life styles above that of their rich counterparts.


To crown up the issues in this plans, the planners have to keep in mind the political stand of the country. This vividly addresses the social problems surely affect both the developed and the developing countries in a global perspective. These social problems surely affect the families of the individuals concerned. The rifest social problem is the problem of alcoholism among the youths (Doucet 90). They are often driven to this practice due the effect from their peers and not just by their own. Other social problems would include the issue of sexuality among the youths or teenagers. This practice is common among the boys than the boys. The girls tend to drive the boys out of this practice in general observations across societies.

The principle of abstinence is mainly advocated by the church and to be specific the Catholic Church, but has also proved to be less effective. This is because they just pledge themselves to the teenagers without proper education for teenagers to understand the situation at hand. This has really affected even the fight against AIDS in most developing countries. Girls turn away from when they hear of the past misfortunes that have befallen some of their peers. Boys, on the other hand, appear to be very stubborn and tend to experiment issues even with their body. The girls looked at the divorce cases, diseases, and the entire carnage of their parental lineage. This forced the girls to calm down and lower their urge for sex (Degrandpre pg.49). The boys would want to take after their masculine nature of venturing into everything, and this has led to most of the boys to engage in sex especially those from the ghettos in America.

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