Utilitarianism is a theory which aims to explain the social phenomenon with respect to morals. This moral theory states that the action is only right if and only if it is the product of maximum utility. This means that it should create happiness for the maximum number of people. Pleasure and pain are important factors in determining the nature of right and wrong in the society.

Utilitarianism offers a person with a principle of morality that is distinguishing between the right and the wrong. If the actions produce maximum happiness for maximum people then it is right and if it does not produce this and does the opposite then it is not correct.

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However, the question is whether such things can be quantified or measured. The happiness of the number of people cannot be measured and similarly it cannot be figured out whether a specific action causes pain to people. Other problem will be quantifying this. This again would be a difficult aspect. Apart from this John Miller focuses on the quality of pleasures which is yet another troubling concept as far as measurement is concerned.

For example, drinking is a habit which is causing pleasure to a lot of people in a university and many students like getting drunk and act crazy on weekends. This means that this decision or phenomenon is creating maximum pleasure but this definitely does not mean that they are doing the right thing or they are right. Therefore, the problem is not only in the measurement of the pleasures but identifying the pleasures and to the extent to which they can be considered as pleasures. Also care needs to be taken whether these can be measured or not and these can not be quanitified.

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