The use of information technology has made inroad into different organizations revolutionizing the way in which work is done.  Through the use of different technologies, many organizations have embraced the use of software products which have been produced to meet their functions which are tied to their business goals and objective. With human services organization deploying software products such as the Blackbaud, many of the functions have been fully automated. Such automation has led to immense benefits arising such as easier management of data. The choice of Blackbaud by organization has been due to its characteristics which give users flexibility and ability to intergrate many function into one system. This has made Blackbaud the choice of many human service organizations.

Blackbaud is software that can be used in many areas of human services including: fundraising, financial management, reporting, website management, and constituent relationship management. This software can help in just about every aspect of helping in human services agency, specific to this one is non-profit organizations. Unfortunately it does not there is not much it does with the clients that the organization helps. It does not have a client database, collect client info or keep track of the population being helped. In fact the only place where it has anything to do with client interaction is there is an area that helps with event planning, ticket buying and is called general admissions management.

The advantage of using this software would be that it eliminates the use of multiple systems to be used within the organization. It keeps donor contact information and "Records every interaction you have with prospects and donors and track activity involved while soliciting your prospects from the initial contact through cultivation "(Blackbaud inc., 2011). It helps the organization be able to set up for increasing donations, manage mail, and acquire new donors. It will help the organization manage their own website, and be able to update and post information quickly. With this and more the only disadvantage is that the organization would have to have a separate system for client management.

The size of the organization does not matter with Blackbaud. They can help any size of non-profit organization. Not to mention they also help schools, and religious organizations. They have software programs that accommodate any size "from large affiliated/federated organizations to local soup kitchens, from youth development groups to shelters or child and family services" (Blackbaud inc., 2011)

One issue in deciding what software is right for a human service agency is that it is hard to find one that incorporates everything that is needed for an organization into one place. Often organizations find themselves needing multiple systems to complete their daily business, it takes a lot of research, planning, and deciding to figure out which system will help the most and lead to the use of a minimum number of systems and organization has. 

The software is web-based that aids E-Commerce suite containing insurance products like price, features and other templates depending on financial position of consumer. Agents gather information and provide information about different features, plans and needs of consumers for making decision regarding their insurance needs. All templates are user friendly and make searching and questioning insurance availability easier.

For client services this software is utilized to purchase insurance based on the individual needs of that client. Many health care or human service providers require some level of insurance and the consumer that may be unfamiliar with service and plans of insurance can research and educate different policies and decide on plans of purchase.

The advantages of using this software is its gives the client an opportunity to decide on a personal based plan and see the choses available and making those decisions without the  pressure of an agent or salesman of insurance being present. When or if a plan or policy is recognized and approved by the consumer it can be purchased without pressure or receiving unwanted expense or unnecessary services. Disadvantages may be that some providers of service vary with what insurance carriers or policy they honor.

Human services often provides services without an insured party and the type and size of the organization may depend on whether the insurance is needed or whether this type of software is necessary for participation in the programs or provided services.  While larger profit organizations will prefer that many insurance providers give many options and opportunity to their clients so the clients find a comfort, affordable policy for payment of services.

While it may be difficult to choose the appropriate software that can be used in human service organizations, using software products like Blackbaud provide greater benefits that are realized in a number of areas. In any human service organization, the running of various process such as data collection, analysis and communication process are all critical to the success of the organization. Using Blackbaud, organizations can achieve these functions using this software given that it is easy to use with features that can be tailored to the user needs. Additionally, the software extends existing E-commerce applications and provides clients with different information needed for them to make appropriate choices on insurance policies among others. However, the software may also present varying information about the agents of different products. Nevertheless, Blackbaud stand as one of the best software that can be deployed and used by human service organizations.

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