According to research, classification essay is an essay that requires the writer to take different types of information and create sensible information out of it by putting it properly. There are various computer types ranging from the hybrid to the analog types. The computers used by a high number of people on a daily basis to accomplish their tasks include laptops, palmtops, and desktop computers (Kim, 2009). Because of the ever-increasing rate of technological advancement, there have been inventions of new computers that are able to meet the daily needs and demands of people of all ages.

Laptop is the most familiar form of computers which is designed for personal usage. There are also other types of personal computers, and these include the desktop and the personal computer. Desktop is not portable meaning that it must be in a certain location for it to be used. It, however, provides extra power, storage capability and versatility at a cheaper price than the others which are portable.

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Computers play a significant part in the daily lives of people, for example, acting as servers. They can be optimized in order to offer services to other computers through a network. Such computers always have strong processors, large memory and bigger hard drives. Other types of computers such as the main frame enable a large group of individuals to accomplish their work on time with similar data.

Therefore, because of the ever-increasing demands from the consumers, new advancements are in the process of developing new computers that meet different demands and purposes. Thus, it is vital that people keep on following each and every step the science department takes in order to be at the same level with the current knowledge concerning computers.

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