Information technology is the area of engineering that encompasses the use of computers and telecommunications to retrieve, store and transmit information. Information communication and technology (ICT) is an umbrella term that encompasses any communication device or application as well as the various services and applications associated with them. The information technology department in any organization is charged with the role of overseeing and maintaining the computer laboratory.

Computer Science Essay Example

Information Communication and Technology (ICT) has gained a reputation of constant introduction of new ideas in quick succession. It is thus only precise that every entity in the department has a high affinity for introduction of new-fangledexperiences, activities, or interests to the computer science engineering (CSE) community. A typical experience I would wish to introduce to the department would be as regard to presentation of projects in ways not explored that are an improvement to the existing modes of PowerPoint among others, come up with websites for students’ consumption that serve to ease facilitation of routine undertakings within the department, and enhance an e-learning system of more materials.

Application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes to make a better future for humans, a common goal of technology, informs my future goal with the able assistance of this department which will help mould me into being resourceful to the Information Communication and Technology world providing the expertise required to maintain the standards of technology in the world, coin new ideas to add to the fast evolving world of technology and to attain the experience required to improve this sector.

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Considering that the department is an alternative to the previously predominant courses such as medicine and law, it goes without say that the fear of the unknown is a trepidation I had to brawl in the process of considering an admission to the department. The implements involved in undertaking the department’s academic requirements and efficiency do not also come at a cheap cost. These stand out as the fundamental impediments I am grateful to have put behind me in order to pursue this course.

This department is an accurate complement to my personal passions, talents and hobbies. It serves to have them informed and assists me in improving how they are perpetuated. The relaxed environment under which professionals under the computer department are subjected to at work involving no strict dress code is in itself an incentive enough to want to belong to this fraternity. This consequently justifies a need to transfer another institution and or a return for a second degree.


Other majors such as information science, electrical science, software engineering and networking are largely related to computer science and computer engineering. More often than not, an expert from the two departments would be sourced to accomplish a single task. Having a deep know-how in the two fields enhanced by pursuing a degree in both disciplines, would equip me with better skills in carrying out routine duties in the field and a well-informed proficiency in handling equipments. It also serves to broaden opportunities majoring in more than one discipline.

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