Solar powered vehicles and cars are the machines which use sun’s energy. They are powered by the energy that is obtained from the sun. Solar powered vehicles were first designed and built by universities. Solar powered cars can move distances using only the sun's rays (Eric, 2003). They can be seen as a form of transport that can be used to move from one place to another. Benefits of solar cars are that they are economical and environmentally friendly.

Economic Benefits

The solar cars will cut down the transportation cost in Saudi Arabia. The solar energy is free, thus the use of solar vehicles is economical. Compared to the other cars that use fossil fuels, the solar vehicles are economical. The fossil fuels, which are used in the other types of vehicles, are quite expensive. Solar vehicles are powered by the solar energy which comes from the sun, and it is free. Saudi Arabia has hot sunny days that are suitable for solar cars.

Solar cars use the solar energy which is free; therefore, person using it for commercial purposes is likely to get high returns. The solar vehicles can be used in the transportation industry to transport goods and people from one place to another. The other types of vehicles used in the industry are powered by fuels like diesel and petrol. The potential buyers of the solar vehicles are people looking for cheaper transportation.

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The solar vehicles can also be used in sports like the solar car races (Stillinger, 2001). Though the solar vehicles may face competition from other vehicles powered by fuels which are fast, they can still be competitive in the market. Solar cars can be used in sports like car racing.

Environmental Benefits

The solar vehicles are environmentally friendly. They use the solar energy that is converted to the electric energy that is used to power the vehicles. The other type of the vehicles that is used in Saudi Arabia is the fossil fuel powered vehicles. These vehicles tend to emit gases that are harmful to the environment and cause air pollution. Solar vehicles do not emit gases.

The solar vehicles will help reduce global warming. The cars do not emit the gases that may deplete the ozone layer. The use of the solar cars in Saudi Arabia will reduce the effects of global warming. Global warming has negative effects on the climate of an area. The more the country uses the solar cars instead of the other types of vehicles that use fossil fuels, the more is the reduction of global warming.


The solar vehicles can be useful in Saudi Arabia because they can be of benefit to many users. They can be used in sports like racing, and are cheap to maintain; thus will be preferred by many customers. The vehicles are also environmentally friendly. They do not emit the harmful gases. It is economical to use the solar vehicles because they are powered by solar energy which is free.

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