Information Systems Essay Introduction

The use of human resource information systems has been introduced as an opportunity for human resource professionals to become strategic partners with the running management. The idea is to create better environment to provide efficient and information for decision making. HRIS is used to acquire, store, manipulate, analyze, retrieve and distribute better information about the organization. The evolution of HR as uplifted by HRIS circles from information to automation and from automation to transformation.

H20 and One HRIS System

The implementation of how H20 can operate with One HRIS system can be done at three different levels. That is:

  • publishing of information;
  • the automation of transactions;
  • the change in the the way human resource management is done (Ceriello, 1991).

The evolution that Lengnick–Hall and J. Walker, 2001, propose revolves around the fact that HRIS will create informational efficiencies and cost savings. Identically, Haines and Petit write, “thus, relieved from many routine paper handling tasks, the human resource professional can hopefully develop a service orientation and participative more fully in strategic decision making”(1997,p.261)

The use of HRIS will reduce Human Resource costs through automating information and decreasing the need for big numbers of Human Resource employees; by assisting the employees to control their personal information; and by allowing managers to get relevant information and data and communicate with others without getting help from an HR professional (Anderson, 2009). Less people will need to do administrative tasks like record keeping and more time will be available for managers to help by providing data on a strategic level.

Human Resource Information Systems: PeopleSoft

We can for instance check at possibility of using PeopleSoft. This was a company that provided Human resource management systems, financial management solutions as well as software solutions for manufacturing and student administration to large corporations. It was first based on client – server approach with dedicated client but later moved to a web –centric design known as pure internet architecture. There is a possibility to use PeopleSoft.

The selected system can produce a metric that has the measurement for components of the company. The company requires producing metrics for better results. Some of these metrics includes: Increasing company profits through better HR management; predictable business improvements; HRIS investment; retention; manager satisfaction; and employee relations. Metrics are divided into: first tier metrics; second tier metrics (John, 2006).

The human resource practices should have a vital influence on the human capital on which they rely and therefore on the results gotten by the firm. Incorporation of ICT into the processes, using different tools and solutions. These tools are applied in a large variety of ways( that is; manufacturing resource planning ,computer cooperative work , spread teams ,office automation , supply chain or virtual integration). The ICT is changing organizations and the way people work, socialize and feel in organizations based on knowledge. To deal with these new resource challenges, it is recommended to review and to transform organizational HRM practices. The source of HRM changes comes from the recognition of the developments that has taken place recently in the HRM profession and knowing that the current activities do not reflect the changes for instance those related with ITC strategies.

Extending HRIS further by giving self-service functionality to the personnels employed will raise the user adoption, reduce administrative processing time as well as lower costs. Having a well planned and defined software implementation roll out and increases user adoption and lower go-live related issues (Holtz , 1997). There is also maximization of HR software investment by looking at the external or internal systems that HRIS can accomodate integrate with. Project planning is a crucial step that is often overseen. HRIS implementation projects are often hurried. By looking at this, functions such as managing employee data, time and labor are keenly considered.

The manpower planning in HRIS consists of placing right number of people, right kind of individuals at the right time, right place and taking the right things for which they are needed for achievement of the intended goals of organization (Walker, 1993). It has procedures which include: analysing the current manpower inventory; having future manpower forecasts; developing employment programmes; designing training programmes.

Information Systems Essay Conclusion

In conclusion the key actions items for H2O implementation of effective system are over viewing of staff methods, consideration of recruitment, review of training and development; and cost analysis of training program.

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