Long Term Evolution Advanced refers to a mobile telecommunication technology which was a boost on the Long Term Evolution. It is a 4G technology meaning its specifications are higher than those of its predecessors. The technology aims at quicker connection between one power state and another. It also targets and seeks to ensure improved work at the cell edge. Proposals were studied in details within the working groups. It has been adopted as the international standards (Adibi, 2010). It is important to note that Long Term Evolution Advanced can be used in different spectrum allocations namely Unpaired Spectrum and Paired Spectrum.

Continued improvement must be done on the LTE radio technology and this means that the Long Term Evolution standard is very relevant at a time when technologies are quickly becoming obsolete. Improvement will also ensure that the needs of users are met as they emerge. This will bring into being user’s contentment. Situations and performance specifications for interworking with legacy radio access technologies. Interworking of the technologies will ensure faster and better flow of information and wide coverage. It will also be economical for the user when competition between radio technologies steps in (Sesia, 2011).

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Backward compatibility has been made possible. This is between LTE Advanced and LTE. LTE terminal ought to be able to function in LTE Advanced and vice versa. All the exceptions will taken into the account by 3GPP. This will ensure more effectiveness. Communication will also be easier in this case (Hossam, 2011).


World Radiocommunication Conference has been taken into account. Specifications must ensure that geographical regions where broadcast channels are not available are recognized. This gives the technology a comparative advantage in the sense that it will cover greater geographical zone. This means that more consumers will be served. 

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