According to McGill (2012), materials engineering is a field that brings together a number of several disciplines in seeking to apply both the structural knowledge and the properties of matter in developing new materials and technologies. Ashby and Jones (2011) noted that materials engineers are normally involved in researching, specifying, designing and finally developing new materials with the basic objective of improving the technologies. According to the two scholars, this field majorly focuses on how various products can be more durable, cost-effective and efficient. This write-up will look at materials engineering in details.

McGill (2012) identified some of the sources of the materials used in this field such as mineral mines where minerals are identified and then transformed into materials such as alloys that are useful to mankind. Ashby and Jones (2011) also identified such technologies as presses and the volt electron microscopes as some of the technologies that are used by the material engineers. Concerning its applicability, material engineers can work in such places as industries and research centers. They also work in conjunction with other engineers specialized in areas such as aerospace and mechanical engineering.

McGill (2012) noted that because of the demanding nature of this field, every material engineer must seek to have a sufficient understanding of both the properties and behaviors of all kinds of substances including both raw materials and the finished products. This requires that every practitioner in this field should be taken through studies that deal with the materials’ structures and properties, their characterization and how they affect each other. They also need to have the knowledge on how the structures and properties are affected by other processes like manufacturing and degradation.


In conclusion, it is clear that this is a field of engineering that is directly involved in the improvement of life through coming up new materials and improving the value of the existing ones. The future of the world therefore greatly depends on how much the nations will be willing to spend in this field. 

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