The recent times have been characterized by vast use of the internet. One of the uses for which it has been used is as a media technology. Among all the other forms of media technology, the internet is starting to be considered one of the best. This is because it enables the interconnection of people all over the world. It also allows for the transfer of digital information between different people.

Apart from advertisement of course, this website has included the importance of the internet as a media technology. It has covered why it should be studied and the benefits that it has in the society.

This essay proves that the internet is a wide topic that is covered through careful and severe study. From the same, it is clear that the internet is useful and relevant in the recent times in the transfer of information. By the provision, of the skills that can be studied and acquired in the internet is crucial according to the essay (Anglia Ruklin University 2012).

This is another website which proves the importance of the internet as a media technology. It uses vivid explanations that draw a connection between the internet and the corporate world.

The main agenda of this website is to prove the relevance of the internet in business. It shows the importance of the internet in drawing conclusions and laying down strategies in the business units. This was a role that was carried out by media technologies I the past. Therefore, it is clear that the internet came to replace these technologies (Azusa Pacific University 2012). This proves the internet to be a media technology that supersedes all the others. For this reason, it should be upheld by al the businesses and organizations in the world. The domain of this website can be used as prove of passing the evaluation test since it is reliable.

This website covers the relevance of the internet in one of the most rapidly developing nations in the world, China. The website proves the usefulness and the part that the internet plays in making sure those businesses run smoothly and that the economy of a nation is functioning well.

Activities such as online advertising and shopping have been covered in this website. Such topics which have been covered in the website prove how relevant and vital the internet is in the transfer and conveyance of information to the people involved. China is one of the countries that have shown significant and evident advancements in technology. According to this website, all this can be attributed to the internet (China Mike 2010). China is just but a representation of the many nations which have continually used the internet The domain of this website and the precision of the information that it has provided shows and proves the reliability of the same for vital information.

The importance of the internet in transforming and improving politics has been displayed in this website. It achieves this by focusing on the politics of America where it explains the role that the internet has continuously played.

This website focuses on the campaigns that have recently taken place in America. The Obama campaign has relied on the internet for its success and influence of the people. This is because it offers information to a large number of people. The website explains that this is a new era, which it calls the internet era (Davy 2010). This means that the most favorable form of media technology in the present times is the internet. The use of recent activities and examples show the preciseness, accuracy and decency of the website.

This website shows the different ways in which the internet is used by the social unit in the transfer of information, which corresponds to the main theme. It has made use of the most recent events in trying to illuminate the use and importance of the internet as a media technology.

This website has made use of the most recent social networks explain the point further. It illuminates on the use of the internet in the recent activities that have taken place. For example, it has used the example of twitter and explained its usefulness in the transmission and transfer of information (Harkema, 2012). This shows that communication in the present day is fully reliant on the internet. The author is reliable, judging from her previous works and the efficiency they have displayed in the past. The domain of the website also proves this point further.

With referenced to the main theme of the essay, this website has been chosen because it mainly deals with the use of the internet in business networks and communication. This website proves the usefulness of the internet, especially in business activities, by offering different examples in which it has already been used.

This website offers different examples of companies which have used the internet as a source of information distribution. These are businesses and organizations whose performance improved drastically, on application and use of the internet (Lohnes 2012). The fact that information on the internet spreads fast makes the results faster than any other media technology has ever achieved. This is because, apart from reaching many people, the internet provides the relevant and vital details needed by the involved parties. This website is reliable since it was last updated in September 2012, thereby making it up to date. The website also displays objectivity and offers a wide coverage in the delivery of information it exhibits. The above mentioned factors and its domain make the website pass the evaluation test on the issue of credibility.

Although this website focuses on India, it adheres to the main theme of this essay by the use of its content. This is because it covers the different ways in which surveys have been conducted and the results which cover the usefulness of the internet as a media technology.

This website deals with the qualitative, as well as the quantitative aspect of the usefulness of the internet as a media technology. Therefore, it has included two main factors that are covered with the internet. It is able to reach numerous people and at the same time, transmit quality information (Native Public Media 2009). As the website shows, this benefit has been observed in India, in the recent past. This website also passes the evaluation test because its information corresponds with that found in many other websites. The fact that it is the work of Native Public media and its recent update prove its credibility further.

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This website proves that the fact that the internet is a recent media technology has been acknowledged by people all over the world. It discusses the possibility of loss of the value of money due to the easy reach and accessibility of information on the internet.

This website proves that the internet is a threat to all the other sources of media. Therefore, this makes it the most influential and efficient media technology in the present times. It explains how knowledge can be transferred and shared among all people in the world. However, this does not require the use of money (Ted Conversation 2012). It only requires the internet. This proves that the internet is a vital communication media which the world cannot function without. This website puts the views of different authors together in bids to verify the points that have been put across. This and the credibility of the writers prove the reliability of the website.

The internet is also used in the advertisements of pieces that are available in museums and other shows that are available in any nation. This website deals with the usefulness of the internet in sharing of this important information among various individuals, as well as nations.

This essay proves and shows that the internet is responsible for the digital speaking about exhibits. Therefore, the information of these exhibits is provided via the internet. Pictorial information and demonstration is also made possible to every individual who has access to the internet (The New York Times 2011). This websites use live examples, which prove to be true on research. It also covers a wide geographical area in its explanation and was recently updated. This proves that the source is a reliable one.

The central theme of this essay is the use of the internet as a media technology. This website has proved this by the use of the most recent activities that required the use of the media.

The essay focuses with global events that required the use of the internet as the main source of transmission. These events are as recent as the past Olympic Games. In America, 17 percent of the people, who watched the games, claim that they watched it online. This shows the vast and continued use of the internet to replace the pre existent media technologies (The Pew Charitable Trusts 2012). This proves the efficiency and importance of the internet in live transfer of information. This information in the website is as recent as the past London Olympic Games which proves that it is reliable and accurate.

This is the ideal website that shows the importance of the internet as an advertising media technology. It shows the ability of the internet to provide and avail pictorial presentations, which take advertising to a whole new level.

The website displays a marketing technology in which all top technologies are brought together in an organized display. It emphasizes on the significance and importance of the internet for any company or organization that would wish to use the latest, fastest and most efficient media technology. Apart from the explanation of the importance of the internet as a media technology, this website displays pictures that enhance its look. These pictures also prove the main point further (Viewpoint 2009). They show that the internet is efficient and takes the place of all other media technologies that were there before. The recent modification and the domain of the website are factors that prove the credibility and reliability of this website.

The importance of the internet and its use in media technology has been covered in this website in the form of social relations. The website explains and illustrates the useful of the internet in family units and how it supports the relationships.

One of the major functions of media technology is the transmission of information between members of the society. This website proves that the internet is the latest most reliable source of this relation and communication. It proves the internet is vital and mandatory for the communication of the modern family. This proves that the internet is mainly used as a media technology in the world today. It even offers an example of how parents are able to communicate and monitor their adolescent children (Williams 2011). This website provides other sources that can be used in the verification of the information provided. This, and the credibility of the author, according to previous works, show and prove that the information is credible.

This website sticks to the central theme of discussing the internet as a media technology by discussing its evolution. The website explains and shows the usefulness of the internet to the society and how it has evolved and advanced into a reliable media technology.

This website explains that the media is essential for the occurrence of any changes in the world today. The main focus of the website is technological changes and advancements. The communications of these changes require the internet, more than any other media technology. Therefore, this shows that the internet is a vital media technology that has revolutionary characteristics (Winston 2012). It supports and aids in the spread of information about technology in many nations and parties. This website has recent update and a reliable author, which proves that it has passed the evaluation test.

This issue of the internet as a media technology is best shown by its usefulness in business activities. This is the main factor that has been discussed in this website, thereby explaining the use of the internet.

This report is from the CEO of the Indiana business council. He explains how the internet has been vital in advertising the products of the business. This was a role that was initially played by the prior media technologies. This proves that the internet is an essential media technology, especially in business (Wukmer 2012). The fact that this has been accepted by large first like this one shows that it is being used all over the world. From other sources of information, this website has proved to be accurate and precise in the delivery of information.


From the essay above, it is clear that there are numerous websites in support of this fact. Therefore, a conclusion can be drawn, that the internet is an essential media technology which is relevant in the present times. It is clear that there is no way the world today can function without the internet. The preexisting media technologies have totally been replaced by the internet. This shows that with the changes occurring, the internet is inevitable.

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