Development in technology demands highly skilled workers. Accuracy and quickness is required in the modern industry. This therefore means that employers need to use computers. In the past many workers controlled machines. But in recent times, computers are taking this responsibility by controlling machines that would have been controlled by people. This has led to unemployment, thus workers have to learn higher skills so as to remain competitive in their respective demeanor. Development in technology has negatively led to advancement chances for workers. This is because before one could advance to positions due to experience and knowledge, which is unlike now where one has to have skill. This has led to many employees without skills not to advance even thou they have worked for long. (Hwang J. Y. 2007).

The main reason as to why I chose this article is the damage technology has caused to employees. Unemployment has risen to a high level, due to availability of machines that can outdo the labor force that was present before workers. Some machines have also become health hazards to employers and some employers have even been reported to loose their lives in the process of using these equipments. 

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The article illustrates the point that although technology has led to modern industry progress, it has also led to loss of several jobs rendering many people jobless especially those with fewer skills.

The author of this article seems to praise the changes that technology altogether has brought to changing lifestyles but he cites the different disadvantages that technology has caused employees in the workplace. He especially has a bone of contention with the high levels of unemployment and few salary prospects unless one learns the technology knowledge.   

I have learnt a lot of lessons in this article through the research, especially unemployment trends due to technology advancements which worry me a lot. Technology has brought about machines, which single handedly do something that could have been done by a number of people. Thus this has not only created unemployment but also suffered injury to employees and or caused deaths.

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