In the past few years, the world has witnessed rapid growth and development in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sectors in many parts of the world. This has in turn contributed to faster economic growth of the nations that this embraced technology. Due to this, most software developers have come up with more sophisticated software's that enable computers perform at a more faster and accurate rate. According to NVIDIA, CUDA GPU is one of the latest computer software's to enter the internet world and it is manufactured by NVIDIA Corporation (NVIDIA, 2010). CUDA GPU is a computing design that enables computers to unpredictably increase their computing performance by harnessing the power of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). It is important to note that in the earlier days most computers came only with the Central Processing Unit (CPU); however with the rapid change in technology and new inventions coming up each day most computers are not being installed with the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The importance of this is that the GPU is mostly responsible for the manipulation and processing of video, 3D and 2D applications.

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In addition to the above mentioned points NVIDIA has stated that some of the importances of CUDA GPU can be seen in the medical and financial markets sectors. In the medical world for instance more than 50,000 researchers worldwide have used CUDA GPU enabled machines in their research with the main of discovering new drugs. When it comes to the money market, financial giants like CompatibL and Numerix have opted to use CUDA GPU as their main platform in most of their transactions (NVIDIA, 2010). The question that most people are asking is what does the future hold for CUDA GPU? As more sophisticated machines are being manufactured by Apple and Microsoft it is clear that the demand of CUDA GPU will continue to be on the rise hence the future looks bright.

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