Strategic importance of IT

Information Technology is very influential to the strategic capability of any organization. Just like capital and Human Resources IT is very important to any organization that needs to succeed in the preset day information age (Sheth, J, 2006).

First, IT has a bearing on the competitiveness of an organization. IT improves the ability of an organization to stay in completion and even emerge dominant.

Second, IT is important for globalization purposes of organizations. Globalization is characterized by an increase in production, manufacturing procurement and other process and they become extremely complex to manage.  IT however, provides an efficient way of managing these aspects and reduces time wastage, costs and space barriers.

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Third, IT is a good instrument for managing organizational changes.  Constant reorganization has become a common phenomenon and the number of mergers, amalgamations and acquisitions has also increased. It is in this light that the management teams in various organizations have come to appreciate to make their management systems flexible through the use of technology.

Last is technological revolution that has made IT readily available and all the competitors are installing these systems in their establishments to assist in process controls and management. In this regard it is therefore important that every business adopt an IT strategy for the purposes of strategic importance or risk becoming irrelevant.

Recommendation on the use of IT to improve performance and make the organization a learning organization

In sum organization technology greatly influences the management of an organization and its procedure, the productivity of the employee and its relation with other organization and changing environment. It is therefore important to have proper IT systems

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