Modern technology has had a positive impact in the workplace, especially on the employees. To start with, use of information technology frees HR personnel from focusing on routine tasks and allows them to concentrate more on the firm's strategic directions. Human Resource Information System (HRIS) facilitates the application of new technologies to effectively gather and appraise employee time and work information. It allows easy tracking of an employee's details so that their performance levels may be gauged, analyzed and ways found for optimization.

Still in the management of human resources, the use of information systems   helps the HRM to increase the performance level of the employees by "facilitating the sharing of task-relevant information, enhancement of creativity and promotion of intellectual diversity thus encouraging of risk taking and experimentation" (Khalil, 1996).  Information is useful only when it is shared with the people who need it.  Sharing of task-relevant information can be encouraged among the employees who are engaged in similar or related tasks so that their insights, intuitions and hunches may be used for improving the performance of the employees. Creative tools may be used by information systems to enhance the creativity of the employees.  

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Furthermore, Information systems play a critical role in processing data needed for integrating a range of operational activities, through which it enhances quality of decision making in individual process and the quality of operational activities for effective operational and managerial control. In addition, it plays a fundamental role in transferring high-quality data demanded for incorporating inter-related operational activities as well as reforming the decision making process across organizations; facilitating operational incorporation within organizations and enhancing the value of joint decision-making processes beyond the precincts of an organization.

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