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Aspects of technology that interact with an urban environment

One of the aspects that have resulted in technology interacting with the environment is on the aspect of goods and services. The use of environmental good and services leads to the generation of several benefits in the society. It is the capacity of human beings to use technology that sets them apart from other creatures. Human interaction with technology has become a common phenomenon where we can be able to use mobile phones, cook using the gas, as well as drive cars to various destinations. It is technology that has enhanced the interactions we enjoy today.

Goods and services: There have been some great and significant achievements in the twentieth century brought by technological changes. Some of these services include cars, computers as well as the mobile phone. For instance, in homes, electricity is being used to light up areas where there has been no source of energy. Furthermore, there have been deep veins of coals as well as reservoirs of oil. On the other hand, the hidden power of atom which had been hidden previously has been turned to effective use through electricity. Transportation of goods from one point to the other has also opened up the world to international trade, where countries can meet each other in the process.

Automobile industries have also been enabled thanks to technology. People can now move from one point to the other as was my case in Denver. As part of an aspect of technology, automobile service has ensured that people are able to move from one point to the other without encountering any difficulty. Travelling in the air has also been achieved through the development of airplane. In traditional days, one could have taken several days before arriving at their destinations. The advent of technology has ensured that people in Denver are able to interact with one another within minutes as compared to hours by road transport. Travelling in the traditional setting was done through donkeys and camels and which were subject to their mental health. The rise today signifies the change and people can change their schedules at will depending on the availability of their means of transport.

Water can now be supplied from one station to the other without the human persona having to hunt for it. Furthermore, the presence of radio and television network has ensured that people can receive news from any corner of the world. The emergence of electronic gadgets likes telephone and computers have also made communication easier. Knowledge acquisition has been enabled through downloading information from the internet as well as accessing our Mobile phones.  House appliances are also the result of technology that has enabled the people to use cooking vessels and other materials such as laser as well as other fiber optics materials.

Air conditioning materials is another form of technological development that falls under goods and services that have been uplifted by the new dawn of development. Other high performance materials that we have today include metals, polymers, synthetic polymers as well as ceramics which are either used as decorations or in construction. The use of Websites in e-commerce has transformed the way people carry out business transactions. People who are worlds apart can interact within a short time and purchase their needs. On the other hand, technology has enabled learning to take place from the comfort on one’s home. This has been made possible by e-learning that has attracted several people.

The major shifts in architecture

The architecture as evident in Denver has undergone major transformations from the traditional setting of building houses to the original form and design. In traditional setting in America, houses were built in European design that was characterized in long houses, wigwams, hogans and tipis. The earliest form of buildings reflected European architecture as well as their construction techniques. In reflecting upon the architecture, some buildings were created so as to resist Russian and British invasion.  The Spanish mission in some cities in the United States influenced how several buildings were being developed.

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Some buildings that existed in the era of the British colonial rule were triangular in shape, some of which have now turned into tourist attraction. Furthermore, the earlier settlements reflected the economic status of the early settlers. As a result, their homes were organized in modest village homes as well as small farms. The buildings in this era indicated little composition of the materials used in their construction. For instance, the English influence during the British Colonial rule signified plain buildings that were made of few imported components.

It is easier to distinguish between a modern and a traditional house in Denver since a traditional model that was built by the colonial government had extremely small windows. The small windows that existed, on the other hand, were clearly separated from the Roman clear glass structures. Among those few buildings that held the British masters had window pale that were imported from Britain and which were quite expensive. Most of the buildings were made of white and red cedar which was in plenty for all the settlers who were taking ground into the environment.

All these structures have since changed, and have been replaced by new form of architecture that reflects the modern style of development. The long and triangular houses ceased to exist and paved way for new architecture and design. The olden form of buildings was referred to as the Georgian style and which was slowly eradicated from 1776 when American genre was adapted. Several measures were later taken so as to ensure that buildings inherit a new design in line with the changing climatic conditions. This is the main reason as to why the Greek revival style attracted several American architects.

Banks and several buildings now stand on the Greek revival style which was prompted by Benjamin Latrobe, William Strickland and Robert Mills. The evolution did not end there. But it continued to the present day. For instance, after the Greek revival style, there came the Gothic Revival style which was the brain child of Andrew Downing. Some of the houses in the nation that are characterized with embrasure towers, war head windows, gargoyles as well as stained glass were all components of the Gothic Revival style. These building still draw inspiration from several people who view them.

The next form of architecture that is seen in the evolution is the late Victorian architecture. This form of design resembled much of the British architecture popularly referred to as the Queen Anne Style Architecture. The stick style was characterized with wooden rod truss work. Some of the common areas where the style is used include railway depots, hotels as well as in houses. Furthermore, the buildings were characterized with very high roofs that had steep slopes as well as various decorations.

The latest form of architecture that can now be seen includes the rise of the skyscraper which is highly associated with Elisha Otis. After the exit of skyscraper buildings came the beaux-arts and the American Renaissance. This was the era where the buildings we now refer to as prominent and prolific landscape building arose. The form of architecture did not however thrive and was greatly criticized.

Social Aspects

In the 1870 and 1880, the Vaudeville house was a major source of entertainment for most urbanized American.   Even though at the beginning Vaudeville it did not appeal to majority of urban dwells with time its transformation made it more attractive. Vaudeville offered an array of entertainment that included: comedians, dancers, acrobats, musicians and other entertainers (Chudacoff, 2010). Furthermore; Vaudeville was true reflection of the urban set up at the time. Since shows were in expensive, they were no reserved seats and they were composed to suit the average person.  Therefore, the Vaudeville gave the glimpse of the social aspect of the America urban setting at that time.

Another changing aspect of the 19th Century was the emergence of department stores. With growth in cities these subsequently expanded the retail market. Therefore; urban resident demand a new lifestyle of luxury and comfort.  The growth in their disposable income meant that they could acquire more goods that were not easily available at retail outlets. Therefore, were attracted to stores that had a wide variety of goods, elegant display, impressive buildings and advertising. Furthermore, similarly to the vaudeville departmental stores treated all customers equal and were no segregation in terms of class adding to its appeal.

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