Technology has become an important tool in addressing issues relating to the human and health services. The invention of the internet and information technology has enabled many people have access to pools of knowledge and information. Technology has greatly changed means of communication and conducting businesses. It has also provided innovative and creative means of catering for different human needs. Below are some of the technological tools that have helped address the challenges facing human services and organizations.

The Internet has provided a wide pool of information available for 24 hours. The internet has helped address the challenge of lack of adequate information (Lee, 2005). It has allowed people to access information and knowledge from all over the world without having to go around the world. People are able to relate and communicate with people from other parts of the world and they are able to exchange ideas. Organizations are able to get information on the available markets and where they can put more investment. In addition, the organization is able to get information about their competitors and take the appropriate strategies to get a competitive edge. When an organization performs well, the people living around that area also perform well.

The invention of websites has greatly helped organizations to market their products and services. This solves the challenge of moving up and down to market markets from one area to another. A wide market is able to access information about the company's products in and outside the country. Increased marketing means increased sales for the organization's product and better lives for the communities living around. This is because; they are the same people who work for the organization and when the organization is doing well; they get rewards and increased wages.

The use of financial management tools has helped organizations keep track of their activities and their finances. Examples of these tools are SQL Ledgers, Quick books and other accounting soft wares. These tools have been useful in reducing the cumbersome work of accountants. They are easy and fast to use, and this leads to efficiency in the organization. They have also reduced corruption and embezzlement of organizational funds. The workers enjoy their work as it is not very tiring and efficiency in operations leads to the workers being recognized and rewarded (Woodside & McClam, 2008). This leads to better lives for the communities within the vicinity of the company.

An organization can use a word processor to create a survey for the customers. The organization can then mail the survey to its customers to assess their needs and experiences with the organization. The organization can as well use online survey tools like PHPSuvey and Zoomerang. The organization is able to get both quantitative and qualitative results from customers and thus able to improve on their service delivery. In addition, the organization is able to concentrate on what the customers need the most and avoid producing non-moving goods and services. The customers and the community enjoy better services (Goodman, 1988).

Another technological tool that is very important to an organization is the database. The organization is able to keep information of clients and customers served and those who have decided to terminate their relationship with the organization. This addressed the challenge of loosing customers to competitors. The organization undertakes to investigate why each customer is leaving the company and to find ways of retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. The customers and the community in return get better and customized services from the organization.

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The use of distribution lists such as the outlook has been useful in sending information about the company to the clients, other organizations and the media. This addresses the issue of lack of information. This ensures that people have information about all the activities of the organization including any new launches of new products. The organization is able to educate their clients about their products and programs and convince them on the need for the services. The community, on the other hand, benefits from the information, as they are able to make informed choices on where to go for particular products.

The organization can also establish electronic news releases and send them to different publications. Moreover, the organization can use email clients and distribution groups through the organization will be sending information. This helps the organization to save on time and postage fees; this reduces operation costs and increases profits. The community and the client are able to get timely information about the organization and their products (Ross &Verclas, 2009).

The adoption of technological tools such as computers and laptops has made work easier for the employees of many organizations. They are able to work effectively with less energy. Tele conferencing has also been useful in improving communication between the board members as they can communicate online without traveling to the offices. This has been helpful in saving time and transport expenses.

The invention of e-learning solutions has been very helpful in expanding the education systems in different countries and organizations. This has helped address illiteracy challenges in many countries. Workers are able to expand their knowledge on their careers through e learning and without having to stop working to go back to class. In addition, the workers do not have to travel to different countries where the courses are being offered since they can do that online. This in turn means that the organization benefits from the efficiencies of skilled workers. The community in turn benefits because the more learned the members of the community are, the higher the ability to attain better standards of living.

The organization can also establish learning content management services such as knowledgeNet and Blackboard to provide courses for their staff (Fulop, 2001). This way, the organization is able to keep the staff up-to date with the current inventions and thus improve efficiency in their work. This addresses inefficiency issues at the work place.

The invention of specialized medical equipments has also helped a great deal in helping to improve the lives of people. Most deaths are controlled at early stages due to improved medical services and medication. These have helped address many health issues. The organizations have benefited from these, as their staffs are able to work better when they are healthy. The communities also enjoy improved medical services and thus better lives.

From the discussion above, it is clear that technology has been a support tool in addressing many human and health issues and issues affecting organizations. Technology has increased competence in manufacture and promotion of products and services to clients. It has also led to the clients getting more information about different products and better services from the organizations. In short, technology has made human lives easier and better in uncountable ways.

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