The term technology change is descriptive of the overall process of innovation, invention, and diffusion of technology and process (Schöon2). This process in essence is the invention of a technology, the continuous progression of advancing a technology and its dissemination throughout the society or the industry (Breznitz 1). Over the years, the global society has witnessed some technological changes in information, technology, transport, business, and agriculture, leading to improved efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of various systems.

The information and communication industry has evidently been impacted by the change of technology(Breznitz 7). Various studies have shown trends of continuous changes in the way people exchange information. The changing technology has led to the replacement of the old-fashioned means of the information exchange, such as heralds the post offices. Today’s information and communication use the internet, the satellite systems, radios, televisions, electronic mails, and the others. These modern means of information and communication vary in the speed, type of information in exchange, and locations of the communicating parties. All in all, the modern technologies of the information exchange have improved the speed of remittance, increased the volume of information that can be exchanged and provide more confidentiality and effectiveness. Technology has made the broadcasting of news, spreading of information, and sharing of knowledge easier, smarter, and faster. The process of the technology change in information and communication is still going on, and more sophisticated means of communication are emerging day in and day out, each with enhanced capacities and capabilities.

Business is another area where the technology change has had significant impacts. Virtually, all aspects of business have experienced some technology changes, from the management, the processes, the operations, and the commodities and services in exchange (Garcia et al. 395). An example of the technology change in business is the intelligent devices, whose smartness and capabilities are increasing daily. These devices have led to the replacement of several processes and personnel in business. At the same time, the mobile devices incorporated in businesses are receiving substantial expansions in networks as well as sensing and display technologies. They are therefore becoming useful in business management and communication. The change of technology in business has led to increased productivity, enhanced management, and the globalization of business operations and management (Garcia et al. 344).

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Likewise, agriculture has experienced some technological changes. The critical areas of agriculture that have received changes in technology are tools, crop and animal hybridizations, and factors of environment (Yudelman et al. 37). Today, the issue of the genetically modified foods has raised significant concerns from various individuals. The changing technology has enabled human beings to assimilate the necessary conditions for the ultimate production of crops and animals, such as the greenhouse technologies. The application of intelligent tools in agriculture is gaining ground globally today. Milking machines, farm produce storage, and processing devices are also escalating in capabilities and efficiencies. Therefore, the technology change is evident in agriculture, and it has led to increased production, improved storage, and efficient tools.

Another area where the technological change is of a paramount importance is the science. The science is a vital contributor to the technology change which is evident in the global society today (Breznitz 2). This field has received substantial impacts from the changing technology, and new knowledge in science keeps on popping up. Human beings have gained ample knowledge on the universe, the galaxies, and the animal and plants systems due to the changing technology.


The technology change in information and communication has led to the improvement of efficiency, effectiveness, speed, and capacity of the information exchange. In business, the technology change has led to enhanced use and capabilities of intelligent devices that have replaced most of the traditional business managements, processes, and relations. The technology change has also led to use of intelligent devices in agriculture, assimilation of the ultimate conditions for high animal and crop yields, and improved storage, and processing facilities.

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