The aims of research

The major aim of the research is to find out how the computer technology would be effective in the public administration of the fire department. The other objective is to provide the project of the online service in the fire department and the possibility of its implementation in the general work of the fire department. The paper would analyze the possible advantages of the implementation the following computer device for public. The researcher will describe the technique of the usage of the computer technology in the work of the fireman, the mechanism of the firing signal and the connection with the internet. Finally, the researcher will interview the students of the fire department to understand if the following system would be convenient to the future firemen.

Outline of topics and the research question

The question about implementation the computer technologies in to the work of the fire departments has increased recently due to the world`s globalization, that is why there are not many scientists, who have analyzed the following topic. Due to this, our research is very relevant in today`s society.

The research would find the answers to the three questions:

  1. How the online service in fire department will work?
  2. What advantages will it have to both: the firemen and public?
  3. What will be other steps in the providing the computer technologies in the fire department work?

Thus, the research will be orientated on the possible implementation of the computer technologies in the fire department work in order to increase the effectiveness of the service.

Research Methods

In order to answer the first research question, the simulation method will be used.  The researcher will mount a simulation-model, a miniature version of the duplicating original properties, using mental images and drawings. In order to answer the second research question, the research paper will be based on the principles of comparative socio-philosophical analysis and synthesis. Theoretical and methodological basis served as socio-cultural approach, in which interconditionality and interaction of social and cultural aspects of social life are defined. With the help of the method it will be possible to give the most comprehensive assessment of implementation the computer technologies into the fire department and evaluate the public opinion of the usage of the online service. To answer the last research question, the researcher will use the cause and effect method and the method of the scientific theory.

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The projected outline


(The researcher will provide the back ground information about the existing fire system and the historical analysis of the fire system. It will be evaluated the possibility of the usage of the computer technologies in the following field. It will be given the examples of the implementation the computer technologies in the other fields, and it will be evaluated the effectiveness of it).

The procedure of implementation of the online service in the fire departments

(The researcher will provide the detailed plan on the implementation the online service in the fire department. It will be introduced the stages of implementation and the analysis of the computer support to each stage. The mechanism of the computer support, online service and its connection to the fire alarming mechanisms inside the house will be described in details. In addition, few examples of different possible systems will be provided).

The advantages of the usage of the computer technologies

(The researcher will analyze the main benefits for both the workers and the clients of the implementation of the computer technologies. The data analysis will be taken out of the survey, carried out with the help of the students. The researcher will provide the examples of the effectiveness of the following techniques and its high productivity).

The possible development of the usage of computer technologies in the fire departments

(The portion will be devoted to the development of the usage of the computer technologies in the following field. The major focus will be made to m-commerce support on the same basis as e-commerce, or other services).


(The researcher will summarize the main points and outcomes of the research.)

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