Unadvertised opportunities are one of the most difficult things to find out in the modern populated market places. However, to address this problem, the modern internet push and pull technologies has been put into place. Push technology also called server push, is a new internet based technology, which enables web servers libraries to maintain and send requests to clients without their initiation.

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Push technology has an advantage to the end user client since he or she does not incur any expense to receive information since it is send to him or her automatically by the web libraries. Currently push technologies are used widely to maintain, hold and disseminate information automatically to clients. To name a few they include the following; instant messaging, Synchronous conferencing, simple mail transfer and radio broad casts among others. The push technology is so easy to use since the recipient's only needs to log into the communication channels leave details then the server libraries push the information to left details automatically to clients.

In contrast pull technology works differently. The client is engaged through out, he or she initiates the transfer of required information from the web library server to clients computer, where the recipient access the information from, the client computer should have pull software which is used by the client to initiate request from the web library. This implies that the client; a human being, Should be actively involved in the entire process of retrieving information.

Currently many clients in the market places are using the pull technology to find unadvertised opportunities; loading web pages, requesting mails, downloading from the internet are some of the examples of pull technology.

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The first and foremost strategy to use in identifying unadvertised opportunities in modern market place, or in any organization is by use of push technology. Since the birth of this technology, the direct approach strategy of finding out unadvertised opportunities in organization has changed drastically, Instead of going to talk directly to the relevant key people in companies web library servers does the work.  This involves logging into the organizations web channel libraries and leaving your details posted such that when an opportunity is available an automatic message is pushed to the clients emails automatically. This has been an outstanding advantage since the client is always reached sending any request.

Alternatively  pull technology has been successively used to find unadvertised opportunities  networks, instead of applying rational direct approach strategy of meeting or calling  hiring manager directly to discuss on opportunities or how best one can assist in improving their companies instead one needs only to send an email and  wait for reply or do teleconferencing.

Moreover, pull technology has been widely used instead of target approach strategy to identify unadvertised opportunities. This has been possible through searching only the relevant companies to work with, by sending request to enquire contact person emails from web library databases like socials network and alumni.


In conclusion, old strategies of finding unadvertised opportunities, such as direct approach strategy, rational direct approach and Target approach are being replaced by the modern technologies of push and pull which maintains web servers for disseminating information automatically or when a client sends requests.

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