On the instance of treading the work of Shakespeare's Othello, there is a great likelihood of deducting this is one of the most tragic of the plays that Shakespeare ever wrote. the characteristics of Othello make it to be even more tragic in comparison to the rest of the plays and this makes Othello to be the hero that is most tragic. Othello has been known to be a man who is noble and who bears grace in as far as the ladies are concerned. in addition Othello posses most of the virtues that are associated to a military leader in addition to being a general who is equipped with high degree of experience in battle. He also has some degree of reliability and has gained recognition with respect to military and has a high degree of self respect. He is also equipped with a variant personality and therefore most people are attracted to him as a result.

He is most valued by the senators and his speech is well attended to by the senators at the time that he delivers it. This has clearly been proved by one among the senators “Here comes Barbantio and the valiant Moor", (Act I scene 3, 47). This represents the numerous existing comments that are an indication of the character of Othello in addition to his personality being a person as well as an officer and most conclude that Othello is a leader who is associated with greatness. in addition to his possession of great character in addition to courage, he is also talented with the possession of dignity. He has the ability of maintaining his self control even at the time of his accusation of having witchcraft at some point in the primary meeting the senators at what time the father to Desdemona comes face to face him with respect to his daughter. Othello is in a position of dealing with style as well as grace at the time that is he under fire as a result of the accusations of having witchcraft due to the marriage with Desdemona. he opts not to yell or even scream but his explanations are in a manner that his audience are greatly captivated and attracts their attention in a manner that they can listen ”.(123HelpMe.com).

Dated to the time of Aristotle definition way back in the year 250 B.C, the medium tragedy has been associated with prominence in the entire course of the classic literature and is in a position of being perceived as been a hallmark in majority of the works that are a production of the last few centuries. in consideration of the rest of the mediums like the comedy in addition to chronicle, there is a diverse indication of tragedy in the context of literacy spectrum in the range of “Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex” extending  to cover the theater of  Elizabethan just as has been portrayed by the  plays like the Hamlet in addition to “Romeo and Juliet”. ”.(123HelpMe.com).

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According to the simplified definition of tragedy, it deals with the demise of the central character. Due to the fact that the common standard with regard to the tragedy, protagonist, or the “tragic hero” has an association with a standing of a higher level and is confronted with some force that is opposing be it external or even internal. Tragedy has the implication of imitating an action. the implication of an action on the other hand is personal agents who is in possession of identifiable qualities in consideration of the character of the individual as well as the thought. the contribution of thought in addition to character as the natural causes  of the actions in addition to the determinant of a possibility for success or failure. This is a very significant aspect in tragedy from which is the basis of Othello among other works of Shakespeare. With the application of poetics, there is an expression by Aristotle of the obligation of the writer in the process of the creation of “tragic hero” as pertains the varied tragedy forms. His further explanation relates to the domination of the person by the “harmatia” or the flaw that is tragic that is consequential to the downfall. Universally in the case of Othello, who is the protagonist, Othello, is being perceived as the classic as well as tragic hero who is under the opposition of the force that is strong of the inherent naiveté in addition to the over-trust with respect to the flaws in consideration of the character that is otherwise virtuous. in consideration of the speedy development in as far as the play is concerned the character that is associated with Othello undergoes a process of disintegration due to the escalating jealousy that he posses and in the end analysis are stricken by the potent catharsis in which case notwithstanding the wrongdoing that he posses, the reader expresses some feelings of pity with respect to Othello in addition to the misfortunes that befell him. in a tragedy associated with character of his manner, the proliferation of death in addition to terror is in a position to be attributed to the defects that are inevitable in consideration of the persona related to Othello who is the “tragic hero”.(123HelpMe.com).

In most of the occasions, Othello is not in a position of identifying the acts that are fake as well as malicious in as far as the Iago is concerned. This has been evident for the sake of extending the play in addition to the addition to the tragic flaws that are associated with Othello. The trust that is associated with Othello is very simplified. He is commonly exposed to the people of the military in addition to the fields of battle. This is a place where the life of an individual rests on other peoples hands in addition to their trust which is of primal importance. The reputation of Iago in he face of the field of battle is distinctively identified and has no room for being tarnished. Due to the fact that Othello is a vital leader in the military for a greater part of his lifespan, the trust of any other military friend is an issue that is not uncommon with the implication that Othello has no option but believe as well as trust Iago. This therefore leads to the deduction that Othello is exposed to several instances of flaw among the most important one being the trustworthy.

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